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  • LERNZEIT IST EINFACH. Die Zeiger der Uhr haben die Wörter HOUR und MINUTE geschrieben, um den Kleinen das Lesen zu erleichtern.
  • Dial with Large Numbers and Worksheets inklusive Erlernen des einfachen Ablesens der Uhrzeit.
  • Zuverlässig & anpassbar. Ausgestattet mit einem HOCHWERTIGEN japanischen Mechanismus und einer LANGLEBIGEN japanischen Batterie, ist es stoßfest und HYPOALLERGEN.
  • Lernuhr für Kinder.
  • Schwarz und Orange analog Uhr mit Tiger mitten drin.

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Customer Reviews

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Learn very well for the time

Due to the exact displays and the different information (minutes, seconds, both in the 12er and 24er format), the clock is really ideal for conveying children to read a pointer watch. The clockwork runs very precisely and the pointer is really On the digits and sausages, not around somewhere in between, which experience has shown that the children are always difficult to convey when the pointer no longer hassle around the digits somewhere. This is not so that the clock is not so. I don't quite trust the waterproofness. With heavy rain and associated wetness over the jacket sleeves on the wrist, we already had that the inside of the watch glass was fogged up. I would be doubted, but I would doubt, but will not risk it due to the expired return period :-) Therefore the star deduction. The general wearing comfort is flawless, bracelet fits and is very pleasant, the watch itself is the right size.

Practical and well suited as a gift

Well suited as the first o'clock

Christina Dönnhoff
Nice watch for children

Nice watch for children to learn the time


Dear team, unfortunately the clock is no longer functional. We wanted to have the battery changed today in a watch shop. We were told that it is not because of the battery !! Please comment on how to get the clock, it was only bought in February! Sincerely greetings

Conceicao & David VACHER

The watch is really great, my little daughter even gets along and that is already called, you can say really great