15 Christmas Songs for Children

15 Christmas Songs for Children

15 Christmas Songs for Children

The Christmas season is a magical time that invites joy, family unity and celebration. Singing Christmas songs with children is not only a time-honored tradition, but also an activity that creates unforgettable memories and fosters the holiday spirit. These songs, full of endearing lyrics and festive melodies, have the power to capture the imagination of the little ones and transport them to a world full of magic and emotion. Singing Christmas songs with children is not only fun, but it also has pedagogical benefits. Music stimulates children's cognitive, emotional and social development, improving their memory, coordination and language skills. Additionally, the practice of group singing promotes cooperation, strengthens family christmas ties, and creates a warm and welcoming environment. The repertoire of Christmas songs is varied, from timeless classics like "Jingle Bells" and "Deck the Halls" to more contemporary songs like "All I Want for Christmas Is You." These songs, many of which have been passed down from generation to generation, are part of the rich cultural heritage of the Christmas season and contribute to the creation of a unique and special atmosphere. In addition, singing Christmas songs with children can become a family tradition that lasts throughout the years. The choice of songs, the decoration of the environment with Christmas motifs and the active participation of all family members strengthen emotional ties and create memories that will last in the hearts of children. In short, singing Christmas songs with children is not only a fun activity, but also an opportunity to share special moments, encourage creativity, and consolidate family values during this special season. Christmas music thus becomes a magical vehicle that unites generations, creating an atmosphere full of love, hope and joy.

Why are children's Christmas songs important?

Children's Christmas songs play a significant role in the Christmas season for several reasons:

Culture and tradition

Many children's Christmas songs are an integral part of Christmas culture and tradition. These songs have been passed down from generation to generation, connecting people to the past and creating a sense of cultural continuity.

Creating Memories

Singing Christmas songs with children creates lasting memories. The association of songs with happy and festive moments contributes to the formation of positive memories that children will carry with them throughout their lives.

Development of the Family Bond

Singing as a family promotes unity and strengthens family ties. Joint participation in these activities creates an atmosphere of camaraderie and reinforces the sense of belonging and connection between family members.

Stimulation of Child Development

Music has cognitive and emotional benefits for children. Singing Christmas songs contributes to the development of language, memory and motor coordination. Additionally, emotional expression through music is a healthy way to channel emotions and encourage creativity.

Festive Spirit

Christmas songs have cheerful and melodic lyrics that help create a festive atmosphere. These melodies often carry positive messages, such as love, peace and joy, which contribute to creating a special atmosphere during the Christmas season.

Teaching Values

Many Christmas songs convey messages of generosity, solidarity and compassion. Singing these songs with children offers the opportunity to discuss and reinforce important values associated with the Christmas season.

Social Inclusion

Singing Christmas songs in educational or community settings encourages social inclusion. Participating together in musical activities creates a sense of community and belonging, which is especially important during the holidays.

Christmas songs for children

Jingle Bells: "Jingle bells, jingle bells, they ring non-stop, in a sleigh we are going for a ride..."

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: "Rudolph the reindeer had a nose that, when he walked, shone like a lamp..."

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town: "Santa Claus is coming to town, you better be good, he knows if you've been naughty or good, so be good..."

Frosty the Snowman: "Frosty the snowman, he had a top hat, coal eyes, and a button nose..."

Deck the Halls: "Let's deck the halls with boughs of holly, fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la, 'tis the season to be jolly..."

We Wish You a Merry Christmas: "We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year..."

Merry Christmas: “Merry Christmas, happy new year and happiness. I wanna wish you a Merry Christmas, from the bottom of my heart..."

Up on the Housetop: "On the roof of the house, slow reindeers, Santa Claus jumps, coming down the chimney..."

The Twelve Days of Christmas: "On the first day of Christmas, my true love sent me, a partridge in a pear tree..."

Away in a Manger: "In a manger, with no cradle for his head, the little Lord Jesus sleeps in straw..."

Funny children's carols

The Sabanero Burrito: "With my Sabanero donkey, I'm on my way to Belén, with my Sabanero donkey, I'm on my way to Belén..."

Bell upon Bell: "Bell upon bell, and upon bell one, look out of that window, you will see the Child in the cradle..."

White Christmas (fun version): "White Christmas, snow and calm, but in my house, grandma dances, it's a party like no other, White Christmas, with a lot of salt and a lot of beats..."

Rudolph the Rocking Reindeer: "Rodolfo the rocking reindeer, with his guitar in his hand, lights up the entire sky, with his urban carol music..."

The Marimorena: "The Marimorena, the Marimorena, eh, eh, the Marimorena, because today the Child was born, in the inn there is joy and commotion, the Marimorena, because today the Child was born..."

The Fish in the River: "The fish in the river go glub! glub!, and the Child who was born, ow!, ow!, and what does that have? ow!, ow!, Well, the fish also want to see him..."

To Bethlehem Shepherds: "To Bethlehem shepherds, run with joy, for the Child who has been born will bring you the light of day..."

Rudolf the Color-Nosed Reindeer: "Rudolf the Color-Nosed Reindeer, guides the sleigh with great splendor, with his bright nose in the dark, lights up the sky this Christmas..."

The Drum Boy: My drummer, play your drum, watch how I play, watch how I go. The wind has told me, to worship the Child, with my drum, I want to walk..."

Christmas Carol of the Smooth Monkey: "I have a smooth monkey, who at Christmas jumps, climbs the tree happily, and dances non-stop..." 

Modern Christmas songs for children

"All I Want for Christmas Is You" - Mariah Carey: a joyful and infectious song that has become a modern Christmas classic.

"Santa Tell Me" - Ariana Grande: An upbeat song in which Ariana asks Santa Claus not to break her heart on Christmas.

"Jingle Bell Rock" - Mean Girls Soundtrack: A modern, upbeat version of the classic "Jingle Bell Rock" made popular by the movie "Mean Girls."

"Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree" - Brenda Lee: Although it is an older song, it has been reinterpreted and remains popular in modern versions, such as by Miley Cyrus.

"Happy Xmas (War Is Over)" - John Lennon, Yoko Ono, The Plastic Ono Band: A song with a thoughtful and hopeful message for Christmas, suitable for older children.

"Christmas Wrapping" - Kylie Minogue: A modern, upbeat song that tells a Christmas story, perfect for keeping the kids entertained.

"Underneath the Tree" - Kelly Clarkson: A joyful song that celebrates love and happiness during the Christmas season.

"It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas" - Michael Bublé: A modern, swinging version of this classic, with Michael Bublé's distinctive style.

"Last Christmas" - Wham!: Although a classic from the '80s, "Last Christmas" has been reinterpreted by more recent artists and remains popular with children.

"Santa's Coming For Us" - Sia: A modern and festive song by Sia that conveys the joy and excitement of Christmas.


In conclusion, Christmas songs for children play a vital role in creating joyful and memorable experiences during the holiday season. Whether timeless classics or modern interpretations, these tunes not only provide fun and entertainment, but also encourage the emotional, cognitive and social development of little ones. Singing and enjoying these songs as a family not only strengthens emotional ties, but also contributes to preserving and transmitting the rich cultural tradition of Christmas. Thus, Christmas songs become a magical tool that unites generations, creates lasting memories and fills the hearts of children with joy during this special time of year. Remember that at Kiddus you will find many perfect Christmas best gifts for christmas for children 10-12 years old , from watches to clothing and games. Some interesting gift proposals would be: sunglasses for children and baby sunglasses, and childrens watches. of  Kiddus

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