1 Year Birthday: Decoration Ideas for Girls and Boys

1 Year Birthday: Decoration Ideas for Girls and Boys

1 Year Birthday: Decoration Ideas for Girls and Boys

A boy or girl's first birthday is a special and exciting time for the whole family. It is an important milestone that marks the first year of the child's life, full of discoveries, growth and joy. To celebrate such a significant moment, we always seek to create a truly memorable party. An essential part of all this is planning and getting a charming decoration that reflects the personality of the birthday boy, creating a truly festive atmosphere for all the guests. There are an infinite number of ideas, from classic themes to more modern and creative options, there is a wide range of decoration products and your search is at your fingertips. Below, we'll give you some popular and fun options for decorating a girl's or boy's first birthday.

1 year birthday themes

Choosing a specific theme for the celebration helps when decorating. Having a specific theme, it is easier to choose the decorative elements and make sure everything matches, instead of thinking about color palettes or doubting whether the chosen colors match. Absolutely everything, from choosing the cake to choosing the surprises, becomes easier if the party is themed. We leave you some options for children's themes:

Jungle animals

With lions, elephants, giraffes and other exotic animals, this theme is perfect for a wild and fun environment. You can use items such as stuffed animals, balloons, and tableware with animal designs to decorate the space.

Princesses and princes

Ideal for little girls who love fairy tales, this theme allows you to create a birthday full of magic and fantasy. For this theme you can use crowns, magic wands, place  princess tents as if they were castles and royal clothing in the decoration and thus transport all the guests to an enchanted kingdom.


For brave and energetic little ones, a superhero party is the perfect choice. Use vibrant colors, capes, masks and symbols of famous superheroes to decorate the space and make the little ones feel like true defenders of justice.

Outer space

For little universe explorers, an outer space themed party is an exciting option. Decoration of stars, planets, rockets and astronauts will transport them all to distant galaxies to live an intergalactic adventure.


With animals like cows, pigs, horses and chickens, a farm theme party is perfect. Use hay bales, rustic decorations and elements of country living to create that cozy and fun atmosphere.

Under the sea

Get everyone immersed in a marine world with an under the sea themed party. To create this underwater universe you could use fish, starfish, seaweed and blue and green tones in the decoration.


With fun cooperative games, and treats, a carnival-themed party is perfect for little ones who love the excitement and joy of this holiday. Incorporate fairground party games kids  such as ring toss and duck fishing, as well as popcorn, cotton candy, and colorful balloons for a fun-filled celebration.

Travel around the world

A party where elements representative of different countries, such as flags, maps and traditional costumes, as well as traditional food, are used to create a multicultural and educational environment would be very fun and original.

Outdoor day

If the little one's birthday falls in those seasons full of beautiful days, an outdoor party is ideal. The theme could be the sun, the sky, the clouds, with everything full of light blue and yellow. Do all the activities in a yard full of grass, of course taking care of the children from the sun with appropriate clothing and baby sunglasses especially for them of the brand Kiddus 


Transport the little ones to the age of dinosaurs with a prehistoric themed party. Use toy dinosaurs, dinosaur eggs, prehistoric plants and earthy colors in the decoration to create an environment full of Jurassic adventures.

1 year birthday decoration ideas

It has become clear that the visual aspect of the party is essential to create a festive and special atmosphere on the first birthday of a boy or girl. Here we leave you some charming ideas to decorate the space:


  • You can use floral arrangements, stuffed animals or adorable dolls as centerpieces to add a touch of cuteness and continue with the theme.
  • First year photos: Create personalized centerpieces with photos of the boy or girl during their first year of life, surrounded by small themed details of the party.

Balloon decoration

  • Balloon Arch: Set up a stunning balloon arch at the entrance or as a backdrop for the head table using balloons in coordinating colors.
  • Stations: Create key points with balloons throughout the party location for parents to take photos with their children.

Garlands and pennants

  • Paper garlands: Hang paper garlands in the shape of circles, stars or hearts in the colors of the party to add a festive and colorful touch to the environment.
  • Personalized pennants: Create personalized pennants with the name of the boy or girl and their age to hang on the wall or on the main table.

Disposable tablecloths and tableware

  • Themed tablecloths: Use tablecloths in colors and prints that match the theme of the party.
  • Decorated disposable tableware: Opt for disposable plates, cups and napkins with fun and themed designs.


  • Photo Frame: Create a personalized photo frame where guests can take photos with the birthday child, decorated with party-themed elements and details of the boy or girl's first year.
  • Footprint Tree: Provide colorful inks and a large canvas where guests can leave their fingerprints as a special keepsake of the boy or girl's first birthday.


  • Tents or houses: Place tents or toy houses throughout the party room so that the little ones can get in to play and feel like they are exploring.
  • Rugs: You can also place rugs with toys where the littlest guests can have fun.

How to decorate the 1 year old table?

table decorated for a birthday

The table is where most of the guests spend their birthday, so it is very important to decorate it well. We suggest the following:

  • Cheerful colors: Choose a palette of vibrant and happy colors. Pastel tones such as pink, light blue or yellow are ideal for a children's celebration.
  • Tablecloth and napkins: Use a colorful tablecloth or one with prints of the theme of the party.
  • Centerpiece: Place an eye-catching centerpiece. It can be a flower arrangement, a giant balloon or even a small decorative cake.
  • Balloons and garlands: Balloons are essential for any birthday party. Instead of placing them on the table, you can place them on the chair.
  • Personalized labels: Prepare labels with the birthday child's name and place them on the glasses, plates and cutlery.
  • Sweets and cupcakes: Decorate the table with cupcakes or cookies of the theme.
  • First year photos: Post some photos of the baby throughout his or her first year. You can use small frames or simply stick them on the wall behind the table.

Menu for 1 year birthday

We all like to eat, so a well-thought-out menu will make the birthday memorable. How to do it? We recommend that you keep the following key points in mind:

Healthy snacks

  • Fresh Fruits: Offer a variety of snacks fro kids fresh fruits cut into small, easy-to-eat pieces, such as strawberries, grapes, bananas, and cantaloupe. Remember that they must be suitable for 1 year old babies.
  • Mini Sandwiches: Make mini sandwiches with soft bread and fillings such as peanut butter and banana, cream cheese and avocado, or ham and cheese.
  • Chicken Strips: Serve strips of cooked or roasted chicken in small, easy-to-grip pieces, accompanied by a mild dipping sauce.

Easy-to-handle snacks

  • Cubed cheese: Place soft cheese cubes on the table so children can easily pick them up with their fingers. If the theme is animals, they can be cut in the shape of animals.
  • Whole grain crackers: Offer whole grain crackers or crackers in small portions as an easy-to-manage snack option.

Mild main courses

  • Mashed Vegetables: Serves smooth, easy-to-eat mashed vegetables, such as mashed sweet potatoes, mashed carrots, or mashed zucchini.
  • Cooked pasta: Offers pasta cooked in small pieces and accompanied by a sauce such as tomato sauce or cheese sauce.
  • Grill: If your house or the center where the birthday is celebrated has a grill, take advantage of it to grill hamburgers or sausages and offer them.


  • Birthday cake: Prepare or order a birthday cake adapted to the needs of the little ones.
  • Mini banana cupcakes: You can bake mini cupcakes of different flavors, so that guests can taste.
  • Candy: There are countless candy options available for babies and everyone loves them.

Refreshing drinks

  • Water: Make sure you have fresh, clean water available at all times.
  • Natural juices: Offers natural fresh fruit juices diluted with water to provide a refreshing and healthy option.

1 year birthday cakes

It could be said that after the birthday boy or girl, the second protagonist of a birthday party is the cake, therefore, it is a fairly important decision. We want to give you the following ideas:

Classic vanilla or chocolate cake

Opt for a classic vanilla or chocolate cake decorated with a layer of smooth, simple frosting, with details like colorful confetti or cream rosettes.

Party Themed Cake

Design a cake that reflects the theme of the party, using colors and designs that match the overall decor.

Personalized cupcakes

Make mini cupcakes instead of a large cake so little ones can enjoy individual slices. Decorate them with colored icing and personalized toppings to give them a special touch.

Smash cake

A small cake, known as a "smash cake", especially for the boy or girl, who can enjoy exploring and manipulating with their hands.

Fresh fruit cake

You can opt for a cake with layers of sponge cake and filled with whipped cream and fresh fruits, such as strawberries, blueberries or kiwis, for a delicious and refreshing option.

Carrot or pumpkin cake

For a seasonal touch, consider making carrot or pumpkin cake, which are delicious and nutritious options that can fit your party's themed décor.

Cream cheese and red fruit cake

A cream cheese cake with berries is a classic and delicious option that combines the softness and creaminess of the cheese with the freshness and acidity of the fruits.


In conclusion, the celebration of the first birthday of our sons, daughters, nephews, nieces, brothers, sisters or whatever relationship it may be, is very important. Perhaps the protagonists of the celebration do not remember it, but the rest of the family and affections do. A themed decoration helps to give the atmosphere, humor and memories an extra special and fun feel, but without a doubt, what will make the difference will be union and love.

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