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Toddler Sunglasses for boys and girls (2-5 years old). If you are looking for the most fashionable sunglasses in a wide range of colours and different designs for you little kids, here it is.

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Sunglasses for 2 years old - 5 year old

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Discover the best-selling toddler sunglasses. These little kids sunglasses are suitable for little kids between 18-24 months, or two years, up to 5 years old.

Our clients says

My toddler keeps his sunglasses on

I bought a few sunglasses to try on my 18 month old. I only wanted to get sunglasses that had an adjustable elastic band behind it for a better fit and didn't want to lose any sunglassess.
I ended up keeping the Kiddus Sunglasses for 2-5 y.o. As I liked the wrap around design of the sunglasses so that no sunlight could enter (vs. the Vintage lenses were flatter which let sunlight creep in on the side and wasn't as good of a fit) and having the plastic frames that sit on the ear (Vs. Baby Solo which only had an elastic band which would slide around more). My toddler keeps his sunglasses on and gets complements on how cool he looks with them on.


Durable and great looking toddler sunglasses

My little girl loves these. They don't slip down her nose due to the headband. (Even when her face is slippery with sun cream) The headband is elastic and easy to adjust. It fits securely on to the ends of the arms and will not pop off during use. The glasses are lightweight and don't leave indentations on her nose.
She will happily wear them for hours and totally forgets they are on. She even fell asleep with them on the other day.
They fit and look great and with the strap she can easily play without the glasses constantly falling off.
They have already withstand several slides and tumbles. For a 3 year old these are a great fit. Her 5 year old sister can also wear them without discomfort. She loves them so much I bought a 2nd pair. Would definitively recommend these.

Michael V

Ideal for 4 years. Flexible temples

Just as they are in the picture. Nice colours and finish and they look very good quality. I bought them for my 4 year old daughter and they fit her perfectly, they are not suitable for much older children. Polarized, and that makes the glass a bit dark but it is perfect for strong sun. The temples are flexible.