12 toys with recycled material for children

12 toys with recycled material for children

12 toys with recycled material for children

Toys made with recycled materials are increasingly gaining strength, becoming an original, fun, unique and sustainable alternative to generate environmental awareness and teach the importance of taking care of the planet to new generations.

Without a doubt, this tool is useful for generating teamwork, fostering creativity and interest in caring for the planet, receiving in exchange a toy made to our liking.

Likewise, remember that it is necessary to talk to your children about the importance of recycling, in order to raise awareness in them.

A good method is to start by telling them who and how bad environmental practices can affect them, for example, when garbage goes into rivers and contaminates the water in which fish live and they die.

  • Also explain to them where the elements you are using for the toys come from, for example, that paper comes from trees and this also creates cardboard. All of this will help them evaluate what is used daily.
  • It teaches that materials can have a second life and can be transformed into other things.
  • Show the little ones how you can recycle, starting by separating the garbage at home, make it easy for them to separate it, for example using different colored bags, so that the children can identify which is which.

So if what has to do with children's toys made with recycled materials catches your attention, but you don't have much idea how to make them, or what to do, take note because here we give you 12 simple ideas that you can put into practice at any time. moment.

But first keep in mind:

What can I make with recycled materials for children?

There are countless toys and decorative objects that you can make using recycled materials, such as containers, cardboard boxes, cans, wood or plastics, you just have to let your imagination fly, take out scissors, glue or tape and start!

Benefits of using recycled materials in toys

In addition to being fun, you should know that creating toys for children with recyclable elements or materials has certain benefits that are worth mentioning, because it generates a certain empathy for environmental care:

It involves reusing

It seems obvious, but this aspect is very important, because it prevents more garbage from being generated, in this way you have more sustainable toys (that generate less pollution).


This type of toys inspires children to bring out the best of their imagination in order to have original and beautiful creations. The best thing is that they are part of the construction and can decorate them as they see fit.

Financial savings

By making toys with recyclable materials you save money and personalize your toys according to your tastes.

Waste reduction

By reusing materials you are more environmentally friendly, giving life to waste that you thought was no longer useful, that is, it allows them to have a second life, with another use, which will surely make the children very happy.

Here are the 12 ideas of toys that you can make with recyclable material, take note and start looking for the materials, you will surely have several at home:

Puppets with socks

Do not throw away torn or old socks, use them to make puppets, decorate with buttons that can simulate eyes and nose, use colored fabrics for hair, mouth and other details. You can create different characters, animals, people, you just have to let your imagination fly and get to work.

Cardboard boat

Use the cardboard you have, they can be milk, egg or even cereal boxes, the little ones can paint them and together they shape it, decorating with different colors. Once dry the boat would be ready.

Piggy bank

It is very easy to make, and it is also something that encourages children to save. Take a plastic bottle, cut a slit in one of its sides so that the coins can be placed there, you can decorate it with paper or fabric, that is, make the body, the ears, the face in general for the little pig. For the legs you can choose four plastic caps, you glue them to the bottle at the ends and that's it.

Bolo of plastic bottles

Wash well and dry several empty plastic bottles, you can paint or decorate them as you want so that they remain personalized. Then fill them with sand (that gives greater stability) and place them in a line so you can knock them down with a ball like bowling and get ready for an afternoon of games!

Recycled lid puzzles

Paint the lids in different colors so that they form a figure and have the children put it together, they will surely have fun, and it is very easy to do.

Centipede with container

You only need a cardboard container for the eggs, decorate it as if it were a worm or a caterpillar, cutting out each compartment for the eggs, paint them and glue them, decorate it to your liking, with pieces of fabric or colored painted cardboard.

Cardboard house

Gather several very large cardboard boxes and create a playhouse, decorate with paintings and elements that serve as decoration, you can put the box in the play area, either as a dollhouse or reading house, decorating its interior according to the use you want to give it.

Bag with pants

If you have pants, whether jeans or tracksuits, you can make a bag or purse to store some toys. Personalize the bag by adding a face, that is, nose, eyes and mouth. This will make it more fun to tidy up when the little toys are lying around on the floor and it's time to pick them up.

Can drum

With empty cans build a kind of drum and then decorate it with wrapping paper, newspaper or paint, use sticks or wooden spoons to play different rhythms.

Newspaper puppets

Decorate pieces of newspaper with buttons, fabrics, cut the paper in different shapes and now put some fine string on it, attached to a wooden stick from which you can operate the puppet.

Pot made with rain boots

If there are any pairs of old rain boots left at home, decorate them and plant a plant there, it will surely be a very original pot that can be the first step to creating a small home garden.

Plastic rockets

With recycled and decorated plastic bottles, you can create very fun plastic rockets. Partially fill the bottles with water and then press them with an air pump, you can watch the rocket take off when that pressure is released!


Toys made with recycled material for children are not only simple, but fun and teach care and responsibility for the environment. In addition, they encourage creativity and manual skills, so be encouraged to spend some time with your little ones putting these creations into motion that will be the starting point for times of games and laughter.

If you have materials in your house that you can reuse, do not discard them or throw them away, on the contrary, take advantage of them to turn them into unique toys.

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