25 healthy snacks for children: easy and nutritious

25 healthy snacks for children: easy and nutritious

25 healthy snacks for children: easy and nutritious

That your child eats well is not only essential for their development, health and growth, but can sometimes become quite a challenge, even more so when you don't have much time to prepare nutritious food and that's why you throw away the simplest .

The good news is that eating properly does not have to become a headache, with some ideas and good habits you will be able to prepare delicious things that do not take up much time. We know that a fundamental part of your child's diet are snacks, as it provides them with satiety, energy and the nutrients they require for their usual activities, so here we give you 25 key ideas for incredible snacks for your little ones and very easy for you. . Take note:

What should a healthy snack contain?

A healthy snack should contain a combination of different types of food that have all the nutrients that children need, that is, it is necessary that the little ones consume proteins, healthy fats and carbohydrates, necessary for energy, the development of muscles, the immune system, nervous system, in short, for its proper functioning.

This is why the snack should contain fresh, slightly processed and varied foods.


In addition to feeding, snacks provide energy and satiety between meals, avoiding or reducing the famous pecking between them. All this helps the sugar levels in the body to be stable and the little one feels more energetic.

Salty snacks for children

Ham and cheese rolls

Delicious and very easy to make, you only need York ham, turkey or Chicken and sliced cheese. Wrap the pieces of ham in the same size pieces of cheese. It would be everything! Try offering it to your children with a serving of pear, kiwi or apple.

Carrot sticks

You need carrot sticks, smoke, guacamole or lemon juice and salt. Once you have the carrot in sticks you can serve it and next to it put the dressing of your preference.

Chicken or ham crepe

The ingredients are very simple: a flour tortilla, some shredded chicken or York or chicken ham, sweet onion, tomato and lettuce. Ready! Prepare the tortilla with those ingredients by filling it and then rolling it up.


You need flour tortillas of your choice, mozzarella cheese and a little oregano to give it more flavor. For the preparation you must fill the totillas with this mixture, usually per tortilla add a slice or piece of cheese, then the oregano and put them on a hot plate until the cheese melts.

Easy snacks for children

Yogurt with cereal

It is very simple, a yogurt of your choice, low sugar cereal and some chopped fruit. That's it!

Peanut Butter Toast

Ingredients: Bread, peanut butter, fruit. Preparing it is very simple, heat the bread, spread a little peanut butter and add chopped fruit on top.

Ham with fruit

You need York ham, or turkey or chicken ham, apple or pear. Chop some fruit and serve it with a good portion of ham, there is nothing simpler and it is also nourishing.

Healthy fruit snacks

Fruit skewer

You need assorted fruits and skewer sticks. It's just that you put pieces of fruit on the sticks. They will be very cool on you, remember to play with color, as it is very striking for children.

Fruit salad

Special for summer, since it is very fresh, you only need to cut the fruits you want into pieces, mix them and add a little cream.

Fruit ice cream

Freeze pieces of fruit such as watermelon, banana or strawberries, put an ice cream stick on each fruit or slice.

Nut Snack Ideas

Nut mix

You just have to buy different nuts of your choice and mix. It is nutritious and also very satiating .

Dried fruit topping

Just add the dried fruit that you like the most to your favorite salad, or fruit, very simple, nutritious and delicious.

Peanut or almond butter

You need the butter of your choice and two slices of bread. You can fill it as if it were a sandwich and it will be super good.

Healthy snacks with chocolate

Chocolate is usually one of the weaknesses of the human being, in addition, children love it, so if you want to include this food in your snack, try to do it like this:

Chocolate covered strawberries

You just need to melt the dark chocolate and cover the strawberries with it. We assure you that they will love it!

Chocolate and oatmeal squares

You can add chocolate squares to the usual traditional oatmeal, without a doubt a good alternative.

Chocolate crepe

Delicious and very simple! You need flour tortillas and melted dark chocolate, fill them up, roll them up and eat.

Chocolate yogurt

You need natural yogurt and chocolate chips (try to make them dark chocolate). Add the sprinkles to the yogurt and with that you have another snack for your little ones.

Gluten Free Healthy Snack Ideas

If you love all the ideas we have given, but your child is gluten intolerant, there are some options you should consider:

Avocado Rice Tortilla

You need rice, avocado or guacamole tortillas. Spread the pancakes with the avocado and you have them.

Cucumber salad with watermelon

You need watermelon, cucumber, olive oil, salt and pepper to taste. Cut the cucumber and watermelon you need into cubes, add salt, pepper and a little olive oil, simple and refreshing.

Healthy and practical snacks to take to school

The idea is that what they take to school is easy to eat, it feeds them and they also like it. Try these ideas that they will surely like:

Chicken sandwich

The ingredients are: Whole wheat bread, avocado, chicken or turkey ham, tomato, lettuce. Fill two slices of bread with the ham, vegetables and avocado. With this you already have another snack.

Hummus with celery and carrot

You need celery and carrot sticks and some hummus that can be from the supermarket or prepared by yourself. (If you are going to prepare it, you would need chickpeas, salt, pepper, a little paprika powder and olive oil, you can also add roasted garlic. The idea is that you mix everything with the cooked chickpeas, once you have a smooth consistency it will be ready. this dressing).

Egg sandwich

You need a boiled egg, two slices of whole wheat bread, tomato, lettuce and mayonnaise.

Fill the bread with these ingredients and that would be it, super simple and nutritious.

Take into account the age of your child and the portions they should eat to prevent them food pocketing. Here are the recipes suitable for your child if he/she is a minor:

Snacks for two year olds

From the age of two, children can begin to receive different types of food, so at that age you could try these snacks:

Piece of grapes and ham

You only need these two ingredients cut into squares in the case of ham and in half in the case of grapes. Offer it to your child, he will eat everything.

Banana smoothie

A glass of milk and a banana are the ingredients for this smoothie that is enough to mix in a blender to enjoy it.

Cubes of cheese and cucumber

You need cheese of your choice, cucumber, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Cut the cheese into cubes like the cucumber, salt and pepper very slightly and add a few drops of olive oil. Ready!

Tips to prepare healthy sweet snacks for your children

Offering your child a sweet snack is not bad, but keep in mind:

  • Portions should not be excessive.
  • Preferably the sweet is of natural origin.
  • Try not to sweeten anything more than the normal candy you have.
  • Try to make it balanced with other foods, that is, sweet is not the only thing that they can eat.


A healthy snack is always possible, also keep in mind that it is necessary because it gives children the energy required to function properly every day. Here we present 25 delicious, quick and very easy ideas to prepare. What are you waiting for to prepare one!

When it comes to enjoying any of these delicious recipes, you can always do it not only by combining the ingredients that you like the most, but also through fun, for example, you can make a mini race with you, measuring the time between ration and ration to see who finishes the snack first, for this it is advisable to have a watch at hand, try one of the Kiddus watches, sure they will love them.

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