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Glow in the dark

Fluorescent Watches for Kids

Stylish and educational watch for kids. Attractive design with bright colors and motifs designed for the little ones in the house.
Dial with Large Numbers and Worksheets included learning to read the time easily.

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They must be exposed to direct light beforehand for a more intense and long-lasting effect.

Fluorescent effect when used in the dark

Provided with a HIGH-QUALITY Japanese mechanism and LONG-LASTING Japanese battery, it is shock resistant and HYPOALLERGENIC

Watches that Glow in the Dark


Super bright glowing in the dark

Got this for my lil person, he loves it. Easy to read, super bright glowing in the dark (when “charged” with a flashlight) but only glows for a few minutes. The band is a little stiff but I’m sure it’ll wear in, doesn’t hurt his wrist or leave a red mark. The only bad part is now he times me when I go to the bathroom “dad, u were in there 15 minutes” so much for scrolling a few minutes in peace.


We are glad that we decided to buy it.

Our son (7 years old) wears the watch every day and certainly bumps into something several times a day. The watch can really withstand a lot. It looks beautiful when it glows in the dark and learning to tell the time is also quite easy. We are glad that we decided to buy it.


Liked it very much

This glow in the dark watch is really great, my nephew 5 years old liked it very much.

Jessica P.

Hour and minutes are clearly written

My 5 year old son learned to tell the time with this watch for kids.
Very simple because the hour and minutes are clearly written on the hands and there are also numbers for the hours and minutes. In addition, it is fluorescent!


What's more, it glows in the dark!

We bought it for my 7 year old daughter because they were starting to learn the hours in class and she is delighted.
She really liked the design and the fact that the hands are labelled with "hours" and "minutes" and all the minutes and 24 hours are marked is perfect. The truth is that she has quickly learnt to interpret it and is so happy with her watch. What's more, it glows in the dark!
They also sent us by email from kiddus a PDF with exercises for children to learn the hours.
Very good, I recommend it 100% without a doubt!!!


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About Glow in the Dark Watches

Glow-in-the-dark watches for kids are watches that have a special feature that allows the watch face or hands to glow in the dark. This can be helpful for children in low light situations, such as when they are trying to read the time at night.

For kids who love to learn and play, this glow-in-the-dark children's watch with large numbers is the perfect gift. It features a fluorescent effect that allows it to be read easily even in dim light conditions. The Fluorescent effect makes it easy for your child to tell time!

When children play outside in the dark, it is important that they can see their watches to keep them safe. Glow-in-the-dark watches are perfect for this, as they allow them to see the time without having to turn on a light. These watches are also perfect for when children are in bed, as they can see the time without disturbing others.