10 best children's activities for winter 100% fun!

10 best children's activities for winter 100% fun!

10 best children's activities for winter 100% fun!

Winter is a perfect season to share with the family and create fun moments that remain in your memory for a lifetime, so it is not the time to hide or stay at home, on the contrary, with the arrival of the cold and snow, a number of of activities that you can take advantage of in the company of the little ones.

Below, we give you 10 proposals for children's activities for winter, which guarantee fun for the whole family and which turn out to be very simple and affordable.

Winter activities at home with children

If you still don't feel like going out much and you don't like the cold much, so to speak, there are other alternatives to do at home or in an enclosed space, which you will surely enjoy, so take note:

Cinema night

Prepare a space conducive to watching a movie warmly: take out some blankets, make some popcorn, buy some soft drinks and organize the living room to watch the best seasonal movies.

Remember that everything that is winter, snow and cold and short stories for children intertwined in this environment will be an ideal alternative to share with the family christmas.

You can do a marathon and share the entire afternoon and part of the night. At the end, finish off with a sandwich or pizza, surely an ideal and delicious moment!

Craft day

Sharing an afternoon of easy and beautiful christmas crafts at home with the little ones is wonderful, they can organize some that are related to winter, such as making snowmen, snowflakes, accessories for the cold for their dolls, you can even make cardboard puzzles, with different drawings related to the season.

The most daring ones can even try to make some element out of wool.

Cooking afternoon

Sharing an afternoon of themed cooking with the children will be truly fun. Look for foods that are easy to prepare and also have to do with the season, like some fruits.

Hot chocolate is also a great protagonist in winter snacks.

Some delicious ideas to prepare with the children that are also super easy to make are:

  • Pizzas with Christmas colors: sausage, salami, some vegetables, tomato. Anyway, let red and green be the protagonists.
  • Hotdogs: traditional, very simple and to combine with whatever you want.
  • Gingerbread cookies: you can make traditional gingerbread man cookies with your children, the molds are easy to find and look great.

Table games

Traditional, but effective. If you want to ensure fun all day, bet on board games, to add more excitement involve the whole family, but also make sure that you adapt the traditional theme to some winter version, something that develops with the season, so even they can learn.

For example, in some of the games it incorporates learning the time, which is an important element.

Something that can help you with this are the Kiddus childrens watches, ideal for learning in an easy and fun way. There are hand-held and wall-mounted ones, with unique and quite beautiful designs. Your kids will love it!

Christmas and post-Christmas activities

If you didn't do it last year, get going this Christmas, remember to involve your child in everything you do. Whether it's an advent calendar, letter from Santa Claus christmas songs for childrenthe nativity scene or the tree, your children can contribute a lot while helping you and having a good time.

If like now, Christmas has already passed, then it helps to make a calendar of resolutions for the new year or a map of wishes and projections.

An idea is to do it with magazine or newspaper clippings on a large piece of cardboard. You can also paint or write to decorate.

If that seems too much to you, you can decorate a previously purchased calendar and put your special dates and purposes there, in short you can personalize a calendar.

Use the materials you consider and get ready for an afternoon full of creativity.

Plans to do in winter away from home with children

Ice skating

In your city there should be different ice skating rinks so take advantage of them! It will be a sensational day full of laughter, fun and moments that will remain forever and live in your mind as memories of this season.

It doesn't matter that you don't know how to skate, dare and try, on the slopes you can rent the entire implementation and little by little you will be able to do it in the best way.

Ride a sleigh

If you go to the mountains and there is snow, take the opportunity for the children to slide down the slopes and get the most out of the snowfall. They love this and the best way to slide is on a sled, you can rent it if you go to a ski place, for example, or simply buy it at a sports store, there are many options and colors.

Of course, don't forget to always have your children under supervision while they are using it and if you decide to use it, do so carefully.

Build a snowman

It's something traditional, it definitely doesn't fail. In this activity, both children and adults can explore all their creativity and make a huge snowman and smaller ones.

The trick really is in the decoration, bring out your best clothes and put different accessories on the doll, such as a hat, glasses, a scarf, a carrot nose, decorate its arms and you can even put a backpack, flag, shirt, in short, whatever. that you consider necessary to make it look original and beautiful.

You will see the result, and you will also enjoy it a lot!

Visit nature

An excursion is always a good idea, so no matter what time of year you are, even in winter, prepare your suitcase and get ready to take a getaway that connects you and your family with nature.

Going to the bush or the mountains is always a good option, here you can have a warm picnic with delicious things like chocolate, sandwiches, churros, in short.

Once you are at the destination, try some activities such as observing animals, such as birds or insects, looking for footprints or curious or different branches. They will surely have an entertaining day.

Natural collage

Take advantage of that walk to the forest or mountain to collect elements such as leaves, branches or stones from the ground (just as we had already told you), but this time encourage your children to put together a natural collage with what they find, it is sure to be a good idea, they are going to enjoy it and it will be something nice.

Tips for doing winter activities with children

It is important that you keep in mind some recommendations for doing activities in winter with children, these are some:

Solar protection

It's cold, we know, but it's very important that you don't skip sun protection, neither for yourself nor for your children. Apply sunscreen to prevent sunburn when exposed to the outdoors games for boys and girls. Also remember the lip balm.

Appropriate clothing

Bundle up and cover them well. Don't forget the hat, gloves and appropriate footwear, as well as the coat and pants, if you go to the snow the raincoat cannot be missing.


If you are going to be outdoors, safety is essential.

Always supervise your little ones, never leave them alone and make sure that the activity they are going to do is for people their age, if they are afraid to do something, never force them. The most important thing is that they feel fair.


It seems obvious, but share this season with your children, spend time with them and help them create fun moments that they will always remember.


Winter is a beautiful setting to enjoy and share with your family, so take advantage of the season to do some of these 10 activities that we propose here.

You can choose an external one, that is, away from home, or, on the contrary, one where you don't go out, in any case you can enjoy it equally and connect with the best of the season. Give warmth to winter! And get ready to have a good time.

Author: Kiddus Team

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