Best 20 Outdoor Games for Boys and Girls

Best 20 Outdoor Games for Boys and Girls

Best 20 Outdoor Games for Boys and Girls

Little by little spring is coming and with it the option of doing outdoor activities with the youngest members of the family, while they enjoy learning about the environment and discovering different sensations and experiences.

Here is a list of several outdoor games for boys and girls, with which they will surely enjoy a wonderful family day:

Gymkana challenge

Gymkanas or Yinkanas are ideal to reinforce team confidence and strengthen family or friendship ties. Do you know what they are about?

The idea is that you put your five senses to the test, that the little ones learn to pay attention to small details through challenges.

If you want to stimulate the sense of touch, you can pick up objects found outdoors, such as tree bark, grass, flowers, fruit, pebbles, leaves, etc., and have the children guess what the object is while blindfolded and touching it carefully (so they don't hurt themselves).

You can also stimulate the sense of smell by smelling different plants and learning to classify them.

The sense of sight is another one that you can appreciate in this challenge, you can make the children notice the details around them. For example, ask for something in a specific color, the first one to find it wins, or ask for something in a particular shape, for example.

And finally, the sense of hearing can be sharpened by encouraging the children to listen to the different sounds and recognize what they are. The winner is the one who has identified the most sounds. 

Kites in the air

Taking advantage of the day to make a kite with colored paper and plastic is a good idea for the kids to have fun. Much more if it is windy and they can fly it. There are many tutorials on how to make a kite and even how to fly it, so go for it!

Ecological mini-garden

Planting a tree or trying to have your own mini-garden is a good activity. First the children learn about the importance of being self-sustainable with some foods, recognize the elements of a home garden and learn about seeds, plants and foods that they can produce in their own gardens.


If it's sunny, it might be a good day to dust off the skates, go with your kids and bring out your best sporty side. They will love it.

Picnic and family games

Board games are always a winner, so grab the ones you like the most. Pack a basket with sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks, fruit, ham, cheese and you're ready to go. You can also offer riddles to the kids, check out the article 100 riddles for kids.

Hiking to get to know nature

 You do not have to go far to enjoy the countryside and nature, surely in your city there are hiking trails that you can enjoy as a family, as they are of minimal difficulty and allow you to appreciate spectacular scenery. Encourage your children to respect and care for the environment and enjoy it from an early age.

Camping to explore the stars

A weekend camping-type sword, where you can appreciate the stars and also learn a little about them will be very exciting. You can also take advantage of the space and read or tell a story that has to do with space.

Archers and arrows

The popular 'archery' can be found almost everywhere, there are different presentations and sizes, so you can complement the picnic day with this traditional game, you will see how the day flies by.


This game is traditional in all countries of the world and seems to pass from generation to generation. It is undoubtedly a classic that is part of the favorites. One option is to paint hopscotch with chalk on the floor, make a square with a 1 inside, then another with 2 and another with 3, when you reach 4 you make two squares, one next to the other with the number 4 and with the number 5. Then you put a square with the number 6 and then you put another two squares with the numbers 7 and 8, then another with the number 9 and finally the number 10.

Hide and seek

Undoubtedly another classic in which one of the children is in charge of turning around and saying aloud "One, two, three, English hide-and-seek." When he finishes the sentence, he will turn around to look and the rest of his classmates will have to remain still. The others have to move forward as fast as possible and hide, they must return to the starting point before the child who is counting catches them.

Chairs game

In this game there should be the same number of chairs and players, although before you start you remove one. You need a music player that you can stop and restart whenever you want. The chairs are placed in circles with backs facing inwards, when the music plays all participants must turn the chairs following the rhythm of the song. When the music stops, each player must sit in a chair. Whoever runs out of chairs is eliminated, and so on until only one or two players remain. The last one to be saved wins the game.

The prisoner ball

A player of the team throws the ball to one of the opponents, if he catches it without it falling to the ground the ball will become his team's and the player who threw it will become his prisoner. But if he fails to catch it and the ball hits him, he must pass to the other team as a prisoner.

The four corners game

For this game you choose four people to stand in the corner angle and one more to stand in the middle, adding this person you will need 5. You have to switch places with your partner on the side and you cannot allow the person in the middle to catch you.

A game of badminton

This sport can be played in pairs and the idea is to pass the shuttlecock or feather to the opponent's court with a racket. Obviously it should not be dropped, to make it easier for the kids, the one who drops it loses.

Skipping rope

Can be done by one child or more than three. It is an outdoor game for children that can go from easy to more complicated. They can apply different combinations in jumping.

Relay race

Here the idea is that team members take turns to run a race, that is, the race goes by bases and at each base there is a team member, when one arrives the other starts running. The team that arrives first wins.

Hot potato game

One of the players is blindfolded and says all the time potato, potato, potato, hot potato, while the other players stand in a circle and pass a ball or a pump filled with water. When the blindfolded player says hot potato, the player with the ball leaves the game and is given a challenge or penance.

Geocaching, looking for treasures in nature

This game uses GPS technology and consists of catching or capturing someone geographically, it is like a kind of scavenger hunt, but uses GPS to search for treasures or something that one of the participants has hidden. It should be noted that you can also do it without GPS, that is, hide some treasure, any object and give clues for the others to find it. The one who finds the most of what you have hidden will be the winner.

Learning the time with the sun

If you want to take advantage of your day with the kids to teach them the time, this can be a good opportunity. Do you already know the Kiddus time teacher watch? This fun and beautiful clock helps you to teach the time in a fun way because it has large and easy to read numbers, you can make a game that makes reference to the clock and spend an entertaining and learning afternoon.We recommend you the games to teach time from our blog

Frisbee game

A super simple activity, but one that can make you enjoy the whole afternoon. Also, you get the kids to get some exercise, they can play on a base passing the frisbee one by one, or letting the child throw it and then go for it (individually).


If you have a little creativity, you can have a fun day outdoors with your child. Although we give you several ideas, there are many others that you can do, for example, a morning of exercise, go for a walk with the dog and play with him or even an afternoon of photography or painting in which the kids show all their artistic vein. Remember that the best gift for them is your support, your smile and your company. If you are looking for more ideas for organise a children’s birthday party, we recommend you to read party games for kids.


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