+20 Essential Movies for Kids

+20 Essential Movies for Kids

+20 Essential Movies for Kids

At Kiddus we know that good movie on the weekend is undoubtedly one of the most common and successful plans to enjoy with the family, whether in winter with the blanket on top or in summer with the air at full blast, there will always be movies ready for all tastes and to watch at any time, while we share a good time at home. 

So get your popcorn and soda ready, because we're going to recommend 20 movies for kids and adults that you can't miss on your list (you've probably already seen more than one, but it's worth repeating and if you haven't seen them...what are you waiting for?) pure fun for the whole family.

Netflix children's movies

Among all its offerings, this platform allows you to watch some classic children's films in their most modern versions, among them: 


This modern version of Matilda stays true to the original story, telling the story of an extraordinary girl with a prodigious mind and imagination, who dares to change her life, despite being in an orphanage. Intrigues, constant struggle, true love and unconditional friendship are some of the characteristics of this movie.


Although it has several versions, you can watch the most recent one on Netflix. It tells the story of a wooden doll that comes to life, whose nose grows when he tells a lie. Pepe Grillo and Gepetto are part of this traditional story.

Hotel Transylvania

 It tells the story of a five-star hotel built by Dracula to keep several monsters safe from human civilization. Here you will see several of the most traditional monsters of horror stories of all times.


About alien invaders who kidnap Earth's superheroes, who are saved by their children.

Puss in Boots

You can watch Puss in Boots or Puss in Boots the last wish, both tell the story of a very particular cat, adventurous and who has run out of lives.

Disney children's movies

In addition to Netflix, if you have the option to watch movies via Disney Chanel there are a few recommendations worth considering:


 Tells the story of the Madrigal family who live in the mountains of Colombia in a town called Encanto, they all have extraordinary abilities inside a magical house.


It tells how the unluckiest person in the world allies with magical beings to change his luck.


 It is the story of a music teacher who has lost his passion for what he does, so he transforms himself into a boy who seeks the path to the present, to learn about himself and regain interest in what he loves.

Chip and Dale to the rescu

 It is a comedy of adventure and animation, where two squirrels open a detective agency in the company of some very particular friends. There they solve cases of animals that are considered too small for the local authorities.


The plot of this film takes place in Mexico and tells of the dreams of Miguel, a boy who wants to be a singer, but who sees his dreams frustrated and forbidden by several secrets hidden by his family. It shows the traditional celebration of the dead in Mexico and all its cultural legacy, which goes from generation to generation.

Amazon Prime children's movies

This platform also offers several movies to make a good plan with the family. These are the most popular ones:

Alvin and the Chipmunks

Tells about the adventures of singing chipmunks in Los Angeles, California.


The traditional tale in which a beautiful girl is humiliated by her stepsisters and stepmother, until she meets a prince who identifies her by measuring a slipper and marries her. A classic without a doubt!

Sing, come and sing!

Animals from all over the city come together for singing auditions in order to participate in a contest that offers a millionaire prize. In the background, the main interest is to save a very dear theater for a koala that was the glory of the show, around which they live different adventures and dangers.

My Favorite Villain

A super villain wants to steal the moon, but three little girls steal his heart and turn him into daddy. Causing 'the theft of history' to go awry.

The Spiderwick Chronicles

 It is a series of chronicles that tells the story of two twins, their sister, their mother and a book that serves as a guide to tame wild and magical creatures. The same ones that have invaded the new house where the family lives.

Classic children's movies

And even if the ones we mentioned seem like classics, but 'not so much' there is an even better known and more popular list if we are talking about children's movies and that despite the time they were aired, they can be great to watch with the family. These are:

Lion King

With two versions, one in cartoon and the other in 3D, this movie that tells the story of Simba, a lion who becomes king and is involved in the death of his father, is undoubtedly one of Disney's jewels. Entertaining for the whole family and that also leaves a beautiful message that invites us to always remember who we are, despite adversity, it is one of the most watched children's films of all time.


This movie, which was released in 1996 with such outstanding artists as Danny DeVito, Mara Wilson and Rhea Perlman, tells the story of a very intelligent and curious girl who also has mental powers that help to change her life and to give a lesson to her parents who do not care about her. A film that is still a hit today.


 The classic tale of the bottle and the genie, comes in a much more modern version. Aladdin, played by Will Smith, shows that it is worth dreaming and that when things are wished with the soul, they come true.

Mary Poppins

 It tells the story of a governess who comes down from the clouds in an umbrella with balloons and changes the lives and attitudes of rebellious children who do not respect or want any nanny. A true leader!

The Little Mermaid

 It tells the story of Ariel, a little mermaid in love with the world of humans, who is forbidden to share with them. However, she falls in love with one and turns to a dangerous sorceress to make her love triumph, around this different adventures happen.

These amazing movies would make the best sleepover ideas, they would surely enjoy watching an animated or fantasy movie before bedtime.


Taking the time to watch a movie as a family and share this type of activity is key to strengthen the bonds with your children, laugh with them and teach them things as real as life itself through a film, it is important for their learning and family building.

One recommendation is to listen to what they want to see, and together make a list or a movie marathon, in case they want to see different things. The most important thing is that you create that space where you can learn from each other, have fun and spend time at home relaxing with a plan that suits you all, plus it is quite comfortable and economical. 

Remember that for everything to go well, it is important to plan the evening with the movie or movies you want to see.

Don't forget: Make this an unforgettable and unique moment, prepare some special snacks and above all, be comfortable. A good 'look' to spend the day or evening watching movies is to have pajamas as a theme. Undoubtedly super comfortable and acts for this family occasion. 

What are you waiting for to start shooting that movie you like so much or that you have always wanted to see in the company of your loved ones? Now is the time, don't hesitate to share with them and don't be surprised of thank you for mom quotes that children often use when they share their family time and enjoy it.

Author: Kiddus Team

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