Best Sleepover Ideas for Children

Best Sleepover Ideas for Children 2024

Best Sleepover Ideas for Children 2024

Who hasn't had a sleepover, for many, it's the first plan to get out of the house and sleep with friends, for others it's a relaxed and enjoyable opportunity to share and have a good time. Either way, the sleepover is an event worth organizing and here are some tips to make it all go smoothly.

What is a slumber party?

If you are still not sure what a sleepover is, you should know that it is an event to which some friends are invited to sleep at home, either to watch a movie, enjoy different games or simply enjoy a lot of stories or laughter. Of course, it is essential that everyone is in pajamas! 

This party option is great if you have teenage daughters, because it is an activity that they love (with teenagers it works a lot to take advantage of a mini spa, in which masks, nails and hair are the protagonists). If you are interested in learning more, here are some interesting options to make your pajama party a success:

Board games and movies in an outdoor projection

Taking advantage of the weather to play board games or project a movie outdoors, either in a patio or garden is a great option if the weather is nice. If it is not the case, you can adapt the living room of your house as a small movie theater and watch a trendy movie. Remember that popcorn, candy and soft drinks should be part of the evening.

Themed decoration with lights and pillows for a cozy atmosphere

Didn't the first thing that came to your mind when you read this line was a pillow fight? Well, the idea is that the space is organized with a sleeping theme, that is, soft colored lights, pillows on the floor as sofas and pleasant music that may be the first step to laugh out loud doing karaoke.

Milkshake and cookie bar for a snack night

This is definitely top notch, can you imagine a super special bar, where you can find milkshakes, soft drinks, cookies and maybe a mini hot dog as a snack? Great! Your guests will love it.

Live concert with soft and relaxing music

If you have the possibility of having a live concert it will be an ideal option, however, putting on TV a concert that is a favorite of your guests is a good possibility and will keep them entertained.

Prepare a candy bar

 children candy bar

A candy bar with all the sweets you can imagine could be a real paradise. From chocolates, to waffles or pancakes, would be a good option for a candy bar, fun and original. Do not forget to put some salty things for snacks, such as popcorn, potatoes or hams, some mini sandwiches would also work well.


You can include this, whatever the option of your party, as it will leave a good memory among the guests, you can make a homemade and thematic one, they will be phenomenal photos.

Craft workshop to personalize pajamas and pillows

Depending on the age, a craft workshop is great. You can offer guests the opportunity to learn how to decorate their pajamas, T-shirts, blankets or pillows, it will be a lot of fun!

Nightly outdoor fun challenge

As we mentioned in the first recommendations, if you have good weather, you can make a whole plan outdoors, small tests, races or even riddles come in handy for a fun night and there is nothing more entertaining than team party games for kids, they are always the best option. If you are interested, we recommend you to read great party games for kids.

Pillow fight to release energy

pillow fight

Surely this is an adrenaline rush, a good time is spent, to finish sharing a snack and watching a movie

Photo shoot in a themed photo studio

Give your salon a touch of creativity and set up a whole photo studio there, colored lights and different outfits can make the difference. Even the theme can be according to the photography, with different photocalls.

Sleepover with scary or humorous stories

Dim light to make room for a night of scary or humorous stories, while your guests enjoy some popcorn. Having a scare can be a lot of fun.Here we leave you with: best short stories for children to have fun with


Great for a night of laughter. Play the songs you like and enjoy. To dance and sing at the top of your lungs.

Virtual reality games for an unforgettable experience.

This is a quite modern option, there are different virtual reality games with which you can spend an entertaining time and a pajama night that will remain in everyone's memory.


If you want to organize a pajama party, schedule it ahead of time, you can even send some handmade invitation cards that have to do with the theme of the night. Even if it's to celebrate a special occasion (such as a birthday), you can make the same design for all the pajamas.

Do not leave anything to improvisation, you must prepare everything, prepare well the theme of what you want the party to be about, the decoration and the food is very important, try to have everything related, also have at least two or three movie options at hand, so the guests can choose what to watch. We recommend you to read how to organize a birthday party at home.

On the other hand, for decoration, there is an option called princess castle, beautiful and very practical, they are from Kiddus and besides helping to decorate, they serve as small tents for girls, for scary stories, there are quite nice ones built with light that glows in the dark.

Very important: the board games, you must separate at least three in which everyone participates and that are really entertaining. Do not forget that that night there are no limits for bedtime, the idea is to enjoy and therefore, the next day you should already have in mind what could be the breakfast, fruits, bread roll and juices are a good idea to start the morning after a fun night.

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