+ 25 Activities for Children at Home 2023

+ 25 Activities for Children at Home 2024

+ 25 Activities for Children at Home 2024

Children need to do things for several reasons important to their physical, mental and emotional development. When they participate in activities and explore their environment, they are constantly learning. Interacting with objects, people and situations allows them to develop cognitive skills such as problem solving, decision making, creativity and understanding the world around them. You don't need to spend a lot of money to keep them entertained and here we have some options for you to implement at home. 

Benefits of having plans to do at home with the children 

Strengthens family bonds

Spending time together doing activities at home fosters the emotional connection between parents and children. These shared experiences help strengthen interpersonal ties and build positive memories.

Promotes communication

Activities at home provide opportunities to talk, ask questions and listen to children. This facilitates open communication and the exchange of ideas, which can strengthen the family relationship and help children develop communication skills.

Promotes independence

Planning and carrying out activities at home can allow little ones to take the initiative and assume leadership roles in certain tasks. This gives them the opportunity to develop independence and responsibility.

Reduce screen time

By having plans to do at home, you can reduce the hours spent watching television and electronic screens, which can be beneficial for physical and mental health.

Plans to do at home

Homemade costumes for children: Homemade costumes for little ones can be a fun and creative way to stimulate their imagination and have a good time together. For a pirate costume, you will need a striped t-shirt, dark pants, a headscarf (you can use a bandana), an eye patch (it can be a black cloth), and a toy sword. To make superhero costumes, you need capes, brightly colored t-shirts (like red and blue), shorts or leggings , and a mask. Also add a logo or large letter on the chest that represents your favorite superhero. Animal costumes are always popular. Make a black cat costume with a black t-shirt, black pants, and cat ears made of construction paper or fabric. For other animals, such as lions or rabbits, add a mane or stuffed ears.

Mud Crafts

Mud or clay crafts can be very fun and creative. Working with clay allows the whole family to create a variety of artistic and functional projects. Mold animals, people, abstract shapes or anything you can think of. They then let the clay air dry or bake it in a ceramic kiln if appropriate.

Board Games

Board games are a fun and educational way to spend time with family or friends. They offer a wide variety of options for entertainment and socializing. Here is a list of some popular board games and their features:


A classic business game where players buy, sell, and trade properties to build real estate empires and put other players out of business. The goal is to accumulate wealth and real estate.


 A word game where players create words on a board using letters with numerical values. The goal is to get the highest score at the end of the game.


A game of physical skill in which players must remove wooden blocks from a tower and place them on top without it collapsing.

Reading in children is essential for their cognitive, emotional and linguistic development. Encouraging reading from an early age can have a lasting positive impact on their growth and learning. Exposure to books and reading can begin from birth. Reading stories to babies and toddlers helps them become familiar with language and develop listening and communication skills.

Creative writing

Creative writing is a form of artistic expression in which writers use their imagination and creativity to produce original texts. Create a comfortable writing space free of distractions. A quiet place with good lighting can help you concentrate. Not limits to a single gender. Allow them to experiment with poetry, narrative, essay, and other styles. Diversity can enrich your writing.


A picnic is a lovely activity that involves taking food outdoors and enjoying it in a natural setting, such as a park, beach, forest, or any outdoor location you like.

You invent cooking recipes

Cooking with children can be a fun and educational experience that encourages interest in food, cooking and nutrition. You don't need to make very elaborate or difficult recipes, and there are several options to make at home.


Can be a wonderful and enriching experience for the whole family. However, it requires careful planning and consideration of the safety and needs of the little ones.

Care and wellness activities

A homemade facial, a pump of cream to revitalize hair, a homemade manicure. Here we leave you some options to have a spa day together and pamper yourself.

Household chores

Cleaning is boring, but if we all do it together it will be easier. Plus, we can play music and have fun dancing while we clean.

Jokes and riddles contest

There are numerous on the internet and you can download them from there. Otherwise, books of jokes and riddles are also sold.


Karaoke is a popular recreational activity in which people sing familiar songs while following the lyrics displayed on a screen or monitor. Select your favorite songs before putting together the karaoke playlist , think about the songs you would like to sing. Choose songs that you know well and that you feel comfortable singing.

Home theater

Home theater is an entertainment experience that seeks to recreate the feeling of being in a cinema or theater, but from the comfort of home. You will need a television or projector if you want to put together a set. Otherwise, cut out colored paper to assemble the sets. Don't forget that they must personify their characters with many accessories and appropriate clothing. Try some sunglasses for children of Kiddus.

Redecorating a space at home

It's an exciting way to give a room a new look and feel without needing to do a complete renovation. Why don't you start with the little ones' room? They can use washable paint.

Working in the garden

Nature for children is an amusement park that offers them fundamental stimuli for the development of their motor, neural, emotional and learning skills; Contact with it improves health, attention capacity, autonomy, security, and the acquisition of values.

Cutting and sewing

Teaching children about cutting and sewing becomes a fun and educational activity, encouraging their creativity and practical skills.

Costume contest

Organizing a costume contest with children is a very fun and creative activity. Allow them to experiment with different fabrics and clothing.

Science Experiments

Conducting science experiments with children is a great way to encourage their curiosity and teach them about the world around them. But yes, be very high because it can be quite dangerous. Although experiments are done with things we have at home, we must not forget that these are chemical reactions.

Afternoon of music and dancing

Take a moment to enjoy with the little ones playing music, dancing and having fun. You can create a playlist by era (60s, 70s, 90s) or by music genre.

Origami figure

You will only use papers and markers, do not deprive yourself of this activity that also works as mindfulness to place your mind in a quiet place.

Faces and gestures

Facial gymnastics is very fashionable and we can do it at home, making faces and gestures. Also, thinking about the little ones, it is a great idea to be able to identify emotions with faces.

Make a collage

Old magazines, papers, used product packaging, everything can be recycled into a beautiful collage that we can hang later. Remember to have a good amount of glue and that the little ones are not left unsupervised when using scissors.

Paint and draw

With crayons, colored pencils, paints, charcoal and even homemade dyes. You can use the water from carrots or beets to have your own colored water.

Sock Puppets

Don't throw away your old socks! Better create puppets to play on rainy days.

Recycling project

Place the waste in different containers according to its composition. Paper and cardboard, on the one hand, metals on the other, glass on the other, and organic waste in a place where it can be composted .

Donation Project

Doing a donation project with children is a wonderful way to teach them about empathy, generosity, and how they can make a difference in other people's lives.

Make a wish list

Visualizing is one of the best ways to achieve our dreams. We can write down from the closest ones (that is, the ones that are easier to get) to the furthest ones.


Doing activities with children at home is essential for various reasons, since this interaction provides benefits for both the children and the adults who participate in them. Activities at home offer a unique opportunity to strengthen the emotional bond between parents, siblings and other family members. Spending time together in a relaxed environment allows for shared laughter, meaningful conversations, and special moments that contribute to a strong family relationship. Activities at home provide an environment conducive to learning and skill development. Children can explore their creativity, solve problems, improve their motor coordination, and develop cognitive skills while participating in educational games and projects.

And if your child is a bit older, you can always offer him/her games to learn mathematics,besides the fact that they are entertained while playing, they learn to solve easy subtraction. Other options would be the board games for kindergartenersgraphomotor activities and up to short stories for kids

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