Best 40 Fun Board Games for Kids 2023

Best 40 Fun Board Games for Kids 2024

Best 40 Fun Board Games for Kids 2024

Play is undoubtedly one of the best learning tools for children. In a world full of technology, it is positive to return to the traditional as a way to share, but also to have fun and learn together.

You can try kid riddles or let the children have fun with learning to tell time watch a means of amusement. Any activity with which the child learns and is entertained by laughing and playing is good for them!

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For this reason, here is a new alternative,40 most popular board games, the best games for boys and girls this year:

Monopoly Junior

This game is like the classic Monopoly, but adapted for younger children. The idea is that they choose their favorite pawn and buy properties and rentals, with the bills that allow them to make all transactions.


It is a game of physical skill, in which players take turns to remove one block at a time from a constructed tower. The tower has 54 blocks, and when one block is removed, it must be placed on top so that the tower becomes increasingly unstable.

The Magic Maze

This illustrated children's game consists of making a character go through a maze in order to find the key to open the exit.

Sink the fleet

The game consists of putting hoops or paper, saying "the ship is sinking and there are only (one number) of boats", groups of people should be formed according to the number that the facilitator said inside a hoop or paper.


The objective of this game is to maintain balance. There is a spinning wheel that indicates where to place the right foot, left foot, right hand, left hand, the idea is that players comply with the orders but without falling!

Connect 4

Players choose where to place their tile on the grid and then rotate the column to align them, there must be 4 tiles horizontally, vertically or diagonally in order to win. Players must keep an eye on their opponent because if they make a mistake in making the lines, they could give them the victory.


This game simulates a surgery, the idea is that you remove the pieces from the patient's body are touching the sides, because if you touch them the alarm will sound indicating that it is the next player's turn (wins whoever has more pieces).

Guess Who

In this game each player has a mysterious character who must guess the other by means of yes or no questions, when you have all the clues you can give the name of the one you think it is, but if you make a mistake you lose.


The pieces in this game enter the goal with an exact number on the dice, and there are several tricks to advance on the board. The player who gets his 4 pieces into the goal first wins.


This game encourages mental agility, so it is a good idea to learn to play from an early age. There are several versions for children that are fun and can be very useful to start in this world.


A board game for a maximum of four players, it has 28 rectangular tiles with faces divided into two squares that have from one to six black dots or no dots at all. Each player must take seven dominoes on the table and then place another one that must match in number, forming a row. The player who finishes placing his tiles first is the winner.

The Goose

It is a board game for two or more players, each player rolls a die and advances his token on a board that looks like a snail of 63 squares. Each square has a drawing, so depending on the square you land on, you can advance, go back or 'collect' a punishment or prize.


This game is for a group of three or more people, includes a table, four game pieces and category cards, an hourglass to count one minute and a die. You also need a pencil and paper to draw.

Junior Scrabble

With this game participants must collect dot tiles to form words. When all the tiles are placed on the board. The winner is the one with the most round tiles.

Risk Junior

This game is for 2 to 4 players, they must move some pieces on the board competing for a treasure and the control of the islands. There are different versions depending on the age of the children.

Mouse Trap

In this game a mouse trap is built in turns, the idea is that while the player moves around the board the trap is used to catch the opponent's mouse. The last mouse to be caught wins.


This mental agility game consists of finding the combination of colored tiles, you must decipher a color sequence, if you guess it you win.


This game consists of searching for objects on the board, the first one to find the lost object wins.

Snakes and ladders

In this game one of the participants throws a die and the star is placed in the square containing a section of the ladder in which he/she must answer a question. If the question is correct, the game will allow him to move to the squares that the side indicates, or on the contrary, he will have to move backwards.

Taboo Junior

The objective is that the player can make his team guess what the main word is without using secondary words or similar words.

Junior Catan

The objective of this game is to earn the 10 victory points. These are earned by building structures, buying cards and earning achievements. It is fun to share with the family.

Carcassonne Junior

Set in the medieval French walled city of Carcassonne, the game is about creating a map where players fight to score points with the best possessions, meadows, roads, cities, among others.

Chutes and Ladders

This game consists of spinning the roulette wheel and moving along the board trying to reach the 100th square. The first to do so despite the obstacles wins.

Game of Life Junior

Here players choose a card (car, train, plane, boat) and then go to their chosen destination, jungle, beach, desert. It has several cards with which they earn money according to the implementation of certain activities. The game simulates a vacation and problems must be solved as the game progresses.

Trivial Pursuit Junior

The objective of this game is to be the first to complete a question with the six colored 'cheeses' and then answer the final question, it can be played individually or in teams.


The objective of this game is to guess a card from clues in the form of a phrase.

Around the World

The objective of this game is to carefully observe an illustration printed on a card for 10 seconds, then a die is rolled with questions about the illustration that the player must answer.


This consists of placing a series of tiles or cards face down, and uncovering them two by two until you find all the pairs of images that match each other, but in as few moves as possible.


No doubt you know this game because it is one of the most traditional. It consists of competing with other players in order to be the first to run out of cards.

The Little Big Chef

It is a memory game for children from 2 years old, with which they are intended to memorize food, guess dishes and memorize the components of a recipe.

Story Cubes

Here one player rolls a die and starts with a sentence using an image that has been rolled, the next player rolls the die and continues to create the story.


It is a logic game where the aim is to get the highest score among players by placing pieces.

Sequence for Kids

The objective is to be the first player to get two sequences of either horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of 5 in a row of the same color.

Turtle Race

It is a board game for children, the idea is that each one has a turtle with which he will run a race in which several tests will be presented. The first turtle to arrive wins.

Rummikub Junior

This board game consists of combining numbers to form trios and ladders in order to be the first player to run out of chips.

Treasure Island

In this game, players become explorers, each player must lead his team to find various treasures on an island. The team that finds the most treasures wins.

Secret Code Duo

This is played in two teams, each one symbolizing a network of spies, but only the bosses know the identity of their agents.

Camelot Jr

A knight and a princess are each separated in a tower! This game proposes different challenges to help them.

Hoot Owl Hoot!

This game is a color matching game and the main goal is to help some owls fly back to the nest before sunrise.

Sherlock Express

With this game you will become Sherlok's assistant, everyone is suspected of different crimes and you must help to discover the culprit.



If you want to spend a fun afternoon with your kids there are different alternatives like the ones you see here, sure they will not only have fun and strengthen bonds together, but they will also learn a bit of logic, agility and other skills through the game, do you already have your favorite?

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