50 Trap Riddles for Children

50 Trap Riddles for Children

50 Trap Riddles for Children

Welcome, little fun detectives! Today we will immerse ourselves in the exciting world of riddles, but with a mischievous touch. Get ready to sharpen your minds and face clever challenges, because these riddles for kids have sneaky traps. Are you ready to discover the answers hidden between laughter and surprises? Go ahead, clever adventurers, and delve into the mysterious realm of 50 trick riddles to challenge your curious minds and test your cunning!

20 tricky riddles to stimulate logic 

What has keys but doesn't open any doors?

A keyboard

The wetter it gets, the drier it gets. What is it?

A towel

I have cities, but no streets. I have mountains, but no rocks. That I am?

A map

What word is always spelled incorrectly?


I am round like a coin, but the birds don't use me to buy. That I am?

A nest

The more it takes from you, the bigger it gets. What is it?

A hole

I'm always in front, always behind, but I never look over. That I am?

The future

What has eyes but can't see?

a needle

I may be long or short, but I am always on the move. That I am?


Even though I'm always in the water, I never get wet. That I am?

A fish

I am always ahead of you, but you can never catch up to me. That I am?

The horizon

Even though I'm always running, I never get tired. Who I am?

A clock

The hotter I get, the colder I get. That I am?

The chili

It always goes up, but never goes down. What is it?


You can see me in the sky, but I am not a bird. That I am?


If you throw me out the window, I'll be there in a moment, but I'll never be on the ground. That I am?

A ticket

What has teeth but can't bite?

A comb

I'm always in bed, but I never sleep. That I am?

A river

What is it about a heart that doesn't beat?

an artichoke

The further away I am, the closer you have me. That I am?

The sunset

10 fun trick riddles 

Riddle: It is always in water, but it never gets wet. What is it?

Answer: The shadow.

Riddle: What has eyes but can't see?

Answer: A potato.

Riddle: You can see me on the ground and in the treetops, but you never touch me. That I am?

Answer: The light.

Riddle: What has legs but can't walk?

Answer: A table.

Riddle: I have spots but I am not dirty, I run quickly on the savannah. Who I am?

Answer: A cheetah. 

Riddle: I am white and cold, I live in the Pole, and the bears visit me. Who I am?

Answer: Snow.

Riddle: I live in water, I have scales, but I am not a fish. Who I am?

Answer: A crocodile.

Riddle: I am not a bird, but I have wings. I don't fly, but I run fast. Who I am?

Answer: A bat.

Riddle: I have a heart, but I am not a living being. Red or yellow, on the cake is my destiny. Who I am?

Answer: The cherry.

Riddle: Green on the outside, red on the inside, in the salad or in juice, it is always a success. What fruit is it?

Answer: Watermelon.

10 tricky riddles with easy answers

Riddle: In the forest you will find me, red and juicy when you taste it. Who I am?

Answer: The strawberry.

Riddle: I have bone on the inside, velvety skin on the outside. Who I am?

Answer: The peach.

Riddle: I have a big neck and a hump, I live in the desert and store water. Who I am?

Answer: A camel.

Riddle: With short legs and long ears, I jump in the field in circles. Who I am?

Answer: The rabbit.

Riddle: In the rainbow, I am the color of hope. Who I am?

Answer: Green.

Riddle: At the traffic light, I am the color that means stop. What is my color?

Answer: Red.

Riddle: I sail on the sea, I have sails in the wind. I explore the ocean with a captain at the helm. That I am?

Answer: A boat.

Riddle: In my pampas, mate is a tradition, shared among friends with devotion. What country am I?

Answer: Argentina.

Riddle: In my mountains and plateaus, the tomatina festival is celebrated, a divine tomato battle! What country am I?

Answer: Spain.

Riddle: In Europe I find myself, with the Eiffel Tower so high, what country am I?

Answer: France.

10 tricky riddles with difficult answers

Riddle: The moment you mention it, you break it. What is it?

Answer: Silence.

Riddle: It's not a bird, but it has wings. It's not a plane, but it flies all over the world. What is it?

Answer: Email.

Riddle: I change with time, I can be warm or cold. In the winter I'm wonderful, but in the summer, I sometimes fade away. That I am?

Answer: Ice.

Riddle: I travel high in the sky, I am white and soft. Sometimes I group, sometimes I'm just a trace. That I am?

Answer: A cloud.

Riddle: I come from the ocean, I am usually calm but sometimes I get angry. Who I am?

Answer: A hurricane.

Riddle: I am a shadow in the sky, I hide the sun. In my presence, day turns into night. That I am?

Answer: An eclipse.

Riddle: I have rings and I am very cold, my name sounds like mythology. Who I am?

Answer: Saturn.

Riddle: I am a giant planet, with bright rings. My name is the same as the Roman god of the sky. Who I am?

Answer: Jupiter.

Riddle: Round, round, bottomless barrel

Answer: A ring.

Riddle: I tell you, I tell you, I repeat it to you again; I tell you twenty times and you don't know how to say it to me.

Answer: Fabric

Benefits of riddles with tricks 

Riddles with tricks can be very fun and beneficial in a variety of ways! Here are some of its benefits:

1. They stimulate creative thinking: solving riddles with tricks requires thinking creatively and looking for out-of-the-box solutions.

2. Develop logic: Riddles often contain clues that must be interpreted logically to arrive at the correct answer.

3. They encourage reasoning: Solving trick riddles involves reasoning and analyzing the information provided, which improves problem-solving skills.

4. They promote playful learning: by presenting information in a fun way, riddles with tricks can facilitate the learning of concepts in a lighter and more entertaining way.

5. They develop a sense of humor: Riddles with tricks often have a humorous touch that can make you laugh and improve your mood.

6. Encourage Patience: When faced with more difficult riddles, it promotes patience and perseverance as you work to find the answer.

7. They improve vocabulary: by interacting with the words and expressions used in riddles, vocabulary is enriched and language understanding is encouraged.

8. Strengthens memory: remembering the clues and details of a riddle to arrive at the answer improves memory and retention capacity.

9. They encourage socialization: Sharing riddles with tricks can be an entertaining social activity that promotes interaction and communication.

10. They stimulate the imagination: riddles often present imaginative situations, which stimulates creativity and the ability to visualize.


In conclusion, riddles are not only a fun pastime, but they also offer a variety of cognitive benefits. Solving these puzzles not only sparks curiosity and ingenuity, but also stimulates logical thinking, encourages creativity, improves vocabulary and strengthens key cognitive skills. Additionally, the process of facing challenges and finding solutions through riddles contributes to the development of skills such as patience, abstract reasoning, critical thinking, and problem solving. So the next time you are faced with a riddle, remember that you are giving your mind a good workout while having fun!

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