20 Ideas to organize a party in Halloween: Creativity and spooky fun

20 Ideas to organize a party in Halloween: Creativity and spooky fun

20 Ideas to organize a party in Halloween: Creativity and spooky fun

The Halloween season is almost knocking on the door and it is undoubtedly one of the most exciting dates for children and adults, since it becomes an ideal excuse to dress up, share with loved ones and why not, organize a theme party . If the idea sounds like you, but you are not sure how to develop it, here we give you several options that are simple and are wonderful. So have fun!

Why throw a party on Halloween?

Halloween is much more than dressing up and asking for candy, it is a time to be creative and let your imagination fly with stories as fantastic as they are amazing, which makes it an excellent excuse to celebrate and invent a theme party, if you are already thinking about make one, here we give you some ideas to encourage you to put your special touch to that celebration:

Horror movie marathon

Without a doubt, it is something that does not fail, making a marathon of horror kids movies is an excellent and entertaining idea, but do not limit yourself to just watching the movie, create a whole environment for it: decorate the room with everything that has to do with Halloween, make popcorn, drinks and snacks, but try to keep everything scary themed.

For example: decorate the plates, glasses, try to give the food the appearance of monsters, like pumpkins, ghosts, anyway. Use your creativity to have a spooky and delicious day. Between movies and movies there will be time for dancing and laughter.

Story night

How about you come up with a fun and spooky party! It's simple, separate a good collection of tales or horror stories for kids,, get together to tell or read them, in a dim environment, preferably use candles or lanterns that act as torches, if you can, set the scene with laughter, howls and other scary sounds. In the middle of the party, you can do this activity.

Dance of the undead

Invite your friends to dress up as their favorite undead characters and enjoy a night of dancing and fun.

Theme costumes

Look for a theme and from there the costumes and decoration, for example, superheroes, princesses and princes, animals, in short.

In order to look good in costume and look great, you need to complement your costume with cool accessories. A good option is to choose Kiddus accessories, for example: baby sunglasses, sunglasses for children and watches.

Horror Escape Romm

In your house separate a room and adapt it as an escape room, create puzzles related to Halloween challenge your guests to solve them so they can escape, otherwise something terrifying could happen. Do not forget to leave a space for singing, karaoke and dancing.

Haunted table

One of the key points at the party is food, so invent something that has to do with the theme of the celebration: dress lollipops with napkins and give them eyes and mouths as if they were ghosts, make a sandwich put eyes and mouth with ham or sausage and a little tomato sauce on top to give it a terrifying look, make hamburgers with pumpkin faces, zombie-like desserts, in short, take the opportunity to be creative and eat delicious.

Scary balloons

With balloons of different textures and colors, create a scary atmosphere, use dark tones and figures alluding to Halloween, the decoration will look great and will give your party a lot of style.

Horror candies

Dress up each candy or candy at the party as if it were a Halloween character, help yourself with napkins, cardboard, paper, markers, anyway. Don't forget to give each treat your personal touch of terror.

Dance of the skeletons

Everyone dressed as skeletons prepares a choreography, the idea is that it is as synchronous as possible so that it looks good, however, the best are the rehearsals, they will be very pleasant moments of fun.

Zoombie Party

How about everyone at the party goes zombie? They can have a contest and the one who is most original wins.

Horror marathon

At the party they can do a game or activity, which is like a horror marathon, here some clues from movies, characters or classic horror movie situations are given and the attendees must guess which movie they belong to. The one who has guessed the most movies wins, the prize can be different terrifying sweets.

Show dinner

Each guest at the party can bring a plate of food, but the condition is that it is related to Halloween and at the same time with their costume (because obviously they must go in costume), so, for example, if you are going as Dracula, you must bring cake in the shape of bats with a blackberry sauce on top that looks like blood. Or if you go as a ghost, you could bring or make some ghosts with jelly beans or marshmallows.

Neon Halloween

Everyone with the costumes, but also a touch of neon not only in the decoration, but also in the costume. It will look super cool.

Complete the story marathon

You can do a small contest to complete horror stories, one starts a story and goes through it for another to finish it, you must be creative and daring so that in a certain time (given by the moderator), you achieve capture the attention of others and tell something worthwhile.

Drinks from another world

Decorate the glasses with Halloween motifs and try to make them look original and fun drinks by making some special decoration such as a touch of fruit or sugar.

Vampire Party

How about everyone goes vampire to the party! Take out different models and styles, let your imagination fly and that's it, have fun.

Horror classics

A theme option for your party is the horror classics, that is, the horror characters from years ago, so put together a classic night in which the guests not only come from another world, but are the traditional monsters always.

Make your costume

As a condition to go to the party, everyone must go with their costume, but made by themselves, the idea is to rescue all the creativity of the guests and that they wear their best clothes.

Recycled costume

If you want a planet-friendly Halloween party, this can be a good option, use only recycled materials and take advantage of them to make creations that you can't imagine.

The night of the mask

Tell your guests to wear masks, made with different materials, everyone must cover their face during the party, the idea is that they do not reveal their personality, that is, that their identity is a mystery.

What can't be missing at a horror party?

Undoubtedly, decoration cannot be missing at a Halloween party, think that this is the key to generating a terrifying atmosphere, also have music according to the situation, something that inspires and indicates a creepy moment.

How long does the Halloween party last?

The duration depends on your guests, preferences and activities, but generally it lasts between 3 and 5 hours.


These 20 ideas will help you enjoy Halloween like never before, so you're in time to see which one you're going to start, let your imagination run wild and get ready for a terrifyingly entertaining night.

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