20 Halloween Games for Kids: Fun and Scary

20 Halloween Games for Kids: Fun and Scary

20 Halloween Games for Kids: Fun and Scary

Halloween is a perfect holiday to have a good time, bring out the spookiest side and enjoy with children all the creativity, magic and stories around that day. An entertaining and very appropriate option is to have a day or afternoon of Halloween games, there are many and very varied, so go ahead and think about which one you are going to do this October 31, it will surely be fun, laughter and scares guaranteed!

What are halloween games?

Halloween games are recreational activities made directly for that celebration, that is, they are thematic activities that can include crafts, small contests or an afternoon of terrifying stories recreating the characters, which is usually quite entertaining for both children and their parents.


This type of game brings benefits related to creativity and imagination, because activities that require attention, movement or dexterity can be included, as well as teamwork, since they encourage children to integrate, express themselves and collaborate with each other.

Another important aspect that sometimes seems minimal, but is actually very important, is that children learn to control their fears and face them in a positive way, due to the theme of the day, where witches, ghosts and goblins are the protagonists.

20 game ideas that you can put into practice

The first 10 are to be done outdoors

Diana the spider

Have you ever played, who puts the donkey's tail? Well, this is very similar, but this time the protagonist is a spider. You need:

  • White cardstock or poster size paper.
  • White paper
  • Black marker
  • Scissors
  • Tape

To do so, you just have to draw a spider web on the cardboard, if the drawing is not exactly your thing, then you can download a spider web on the internet and then cut it out and paste it, when you already have it, stick that poster on the wall.

Then on the pages draw or paste spiders of different colors and sizes, and cut them out.

On each spider put adhesive tape so that you can stick them (take care that the spiders are not very small).

You could start playing now, the objective of the game is for the child to put the spiders as close to the center as possible (inside the web), the challenge is to do it with his eyes covered with a cloth or handkerchief.

Trick or Treating

This is undoubtedly a classic game that cannot be missed on this day. Once the children dress up, they go from door to door asking for sweets in exchange for a trick. The trick can be singing a song, doing a little magic trick, telling a joke, or making a little joke.

Enchanted Treasure Hunt

Here the treasure to be sought is nothing more than sweets. The idea is that children follow simple clues and solve riddles, each riddle should lead them to a prize or prize. Looking for sweets with figures alluding to Halloween will be more fun.

Reward options can also be objects, such as Kiddus products, for example: baby sunglasses, sunglasses for children and watches.

Pumpkin Painter

You can do an activity painting pumpkins. The one who makes the coolest and most original pumpkin (that is, the one who paints or decorates it the best), wins a prize.

Ghost bowling

You can do this game as a family, it is very simple. You need:

  • 10 rolls of toilet paper.
  • black cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Glue

With the cardboard I draw the eyes and the mouth of the ghosts, stick them on the rolls of toilet paper, as if they were the faces of the ghosts. Place them as if they were bowling pins and instead of a ball to knock them down, try a pumpkin. Let's see who wins the game!

Ring Toss

Take a pumpkin that has a stem (you can also replace the pumpkin with a witch hat). Get some plastic rings, you can make them with disposable plates. When you already have these two materials, play toss the ring by fitting it into the stem of the pumpkin. It is a simple and fun game.

Ghost Shot

With toilet paper and black cardboard, create some ghosts, place them at a considerable distance and then try to knock them down with a ball, but thrown from the air.

Pilla Pilla from the afterlife

Playing tag is very traditional, but if you do it all dressed up and while a horror story is being told it will be much more exciting.

The treasure of the madremonte

Organize a day of hiking with your children, but go dressed up, then while you walk, go looking for pebbles, sticks or elements of nature and have the children draw or write them down, at the end the one who has found the most of these treasures and has them drawn and described, wins.

Halloween face painting

Traditional and very simple, face painting with Halloween motifs, then you can have a picnic and it will surely be something great and fun.

Knows the easy face paiting ideas 

Games for halloween inside the house

If you want this date not to go unnoticed, but you don't want to go out, but on the contrary, you want to do something at home, take note of these game ideas for indoor spaces:

Haunted chair

This is basically the traditional musical chair, but in a Halloween version. The chairs are placed in a circle and instead of music, creepy sounds such as laughter, howls, footsteps, etc. are played. The idea is for the children to walk around and when the sounds stop, they find a chair to sit on. The child who cannot find a haunted chair (a free chair) is out of the game and must pay a small challenge, such as dancing to a song or imitating a ghost.

Halloween Bingo

On a cardboard you can make a bingo with creepy figures, you can draw or cut these, make several cardboard and with jelly beans or candies cover the monsters that come out, the first one to sing bingo wins, it is the one that remains with all the sweets.

Memory game

On white cardboard draw different monsters (each one twice), then cut them out and put those tiles face down, each child must pick up two tiles, if they are the same, keep them and pick up another two, if not, turn them over again and giving pass to another player. The idea is that they memorize where the pairs are to discover them and win. The winner is the one with the most pairs.

 Afternoon of stories

Select some classic horror stories for kids, set up an afternoon telling these stories and provide the space for that purpose. Decorate the room with some ghosts, witches, pumpkins, anyway. To read and enjoy.

Remember that it is necessary that your children know how to read in order to enjoy a game, in case they do not, I recommend the article: How to teach a child to read.

Ghost Hunt

Turn off the lights and give each child a small flashlight. Hide paper ghost silhouettes in different parts of the house and let the children find them by illuminating them with their flashlights. For you to find them you can give small clues .

Challenge web

On a white cardboard draw or cut out a spider web and hang it with a rope, in a room, then inside it put different activities, challenges or riddles, each child must go out and take one and do what is indicated there. 

Movie afternoon and costume

An afternoon of horror movies for children, but all dressed up and with the house decorated for Halloween will make a difference.

The witch Marta's trunk

With things that you have at home such as rolls of paper, cloth, paint, stickers, among others, make articles, clothes or accessories for the witch Marta. The idea is that you imagine that you are the witch's dressmaker and she has commissioned everything to celebrate Halloween, so get to work.

The dance of the skeletons

Use vegetable paints to paint the faces of the children as if they were skeletons, then together put on a song that they like and do a choreography. They will look great!

Haunted house

With the children, decorate the house with Halloween characters, at certain points put something that generates fright such as a laugh, a clown that goes down the curtains, in short, you can also try to make each person personify a scare, remember to do this with the lights off and barely uses small, dim lights. In the middle of everything you can put dots to snack on and put, for example, terrifying hamburgers, you make them as usual, but in the slice of cheese you cut out pumpkin eyes and a mouth, when they melt they look very good.

If you are going to put chocolates, dress them as a ghost with the help of a napkin and paint their eyes and mouth with a marker. Take advantage of your creativity!


Halloween is undoubtedly an unforgettable moment, so take advantage of it and enjoy celebrating with your children, give free rein to your imagination and treasure moments forever.

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