17 easy face painting ideas for kids at parties

17 easy face painting ideas for kids at parties

17 easy face painting ideas for kids at parties

Children's parties are full of moments that remain in the memory, full of love, fun and above all creativity. One of the most popular activities in children's celebrations are face painting, as they add color and fantasy, allowing children to participate by choosing their favorite characters, figures or shapes, besides looking amazing.
If you're curious, but don't quite know how to do it, here are 17 fabulous ideas for you to paint your children at any event, without giving you a headache.

What to use for children's face painting?

There are many products to paint children's faces, the most important thing is that you check that they are safe, that they do not affect their skin and that they are well removed with soap and water. You also need brushes and sponges of different sizes, glitter and special stickers for the face in different shapes and colors. You can even use water-based paints, but make sure they do not irritate (they usually say so on the packaging). You should also have on hand a glass of water to clean the brushes and Vaseline to stick the glitter.

Benefits of face painting

For children, face painting can tap into their creativity and stimulate their imagination. It also allows them to express themselves and share with their friends, encouraging communication, social interaction and creating a favorable environment for their emotional and social development. It also allows them to look like they want to for a day, embodying their favorite characters.

What should you do before painting children's faces?

The first thing to do is to clean the face well and dry it, then you can apply a little moisturizer to avoid irritation (very little, almost the size of a drop, but distributing it well). Minimize the use of chemical products and try that what you use is natural or special for children (even if you use water tempera, there are some indicated for these processes). Define what painting or drawing you are going to do and start, tracing gently on the face. If you find it hard to know what to do, here are some original and beautiful ideas. Take note:


An eye patch, mustache or beard, a simulated scar and very marked eyes. You will have a simple and fun pirate makeup. If you have a themed party you can combine it with accessories. Hats, parrot stickers, swords. Everything to have fabulous photos and have a good time.


Black and white spots and that's it, that's all it takes to make a cute Dalmatian. You can add ears or little whiskers, it will be fun! 


Bright colors, a red nose with a wide smile, a white face background, and even some stars or circles of colorful stickers will come in super handy for this painting. You can also include some hair spray, vibrant colors and pastels will make all the difference.


You can transform the children's faces into their favorite animals, lions, tigers, cats, dogs or butterflies, it doesn't matter as long as you use colors and details that give shape to the animal. For example, if it is a butterfly, look closely at the wings, one on each side of the face, use bright colors and glitter. If it is a lion, give strength to its nose, mouth and whiskers. You can simply look for the figures on the internet and draw them, be careful to use the right colors.


Here too pastel colors and flower designs are a must, you can add glitter and colorful stickers to spice it up.


Paint the symbols of trendy superheroes, use the colors that go with them and you will see the results. If you have a themed party you can combine it with accessories, such as: capes, gloves, watches, boots, glasses, sword, shield and more. Everything to have fabulous pictures and have a good time. It will be fun.

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Lots of pastel colors, green and yellow, whatever flower you are going to shape, it will look pretty if you use the right colors, you can also add glitter.


Gray and black tones are special for horror lovers, so if you want to draw a zombie, with these colors and some red touch that simulates a scar, you will have a funny and scary zombie (it also works for some Dracula or vampire painting).


Use green and yellow paint, also white to make some little horns or teeth. Look at the texture and try to play with it.


Use glitter and light colors, especially pink and purple will give a touch of fantasy.


A wave of colors, a few white clouds on the way and that's it, rainbows are ready!

Fantasy characters

Like unicorns, you can use pastel colors and even complement it with a rainbow, it will look great. You can also take into account here elements of nature, such as clouds, sun, stars or moon.


Black and white are the undisputed protagonists, draw expressive and very round eyes, a skull mouth, a touch of black on the nose and that's it. You can add some colored dots near the eyes. If you can, if you are painting a girl, put a little red rose in her hair, it will look great!

Harley Quinn

White is again the protagonist, also blue and red in the eyes and black to mark some details. If you have complements like wigs, you will make the children have a very nice time.


Big eyes, pink, purple, orange and blush on cheekbones, the doll is ready!


 White will be the main color, add black touches, detail the eye sockets, cheekbones, nose and teeth.


First choose the fruit you are going to draw and go for the right colors, you can draw one half on one side of the face and the other on the other. Don't forget to complement with green by painting the leaves of the fruit.

Final tips for children's face painting

Remember that the materials are the most important thing, since the idea is that the children enjoy it but that they do not have any irritation afterwards. Have a wide palette of colors so they can choose which ones to use, also have different brushes at hand, so you can make different strokes. Before drawing ask them what you want and check how you can do it in the best possible way. 

Don't get complicated, look at what is key to each character and that is what you should try to incorporate in your makeup. Have wet wipes on hand to correct any mistakes if necessary or to remove makeup if needed.

Try to do this makeup with time, don't be in a hurry and enjoy with the kids, listen to their ideas and if you want it to last even longer, you can use some makeup fixative and apply it, so it will be preserved even if they play all day long. However, it can be removed using soap and water.


Enjoying face painting with the little ones can be a lot of fun. Besides, they enjoy it a lot as a key activity in a children's party. If you want you can also organize a face painting workshop, it is something that catches their attention and they love it, so let's get to work! Let the fun begin.

And not only can you offer this in a workshop, for children to have fun a good option is to also have fun with  board games for kindergarteners and  slime games for kids.You can even offer them recreational activities that will entertain them and help them learn, for example: graphomotor activities and up to short stories for kids

Author: Kiddus Team

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