How to wrap gifts step by step: simple, fast and elegant

How to wrap gifts step by step: simple, fast and elegant

How to wrap gifts step by step: simple, fast and elegant

They say that it is not the wrapping that matters but what goes inside and although they may be partly right, you can not deny the illusion that gives a well-wrapped gift, both giving and receiving it. However, sometimes wrapping a gift can become stressful, that is, a headache, either due to lack of creativity, materials or simply because to make it look nice and original, it may seem to be something complicated.

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Why is it important to wrap a gift correctly?

Remember that when you give a gift, the wrapping is the first impression of what you are giving, therefore, it can mean appreciation and affection towards the other person, or on the contrary it can also denote disinterest. So, you should know that wrapping a gift well is a way to tell the person who receives it that you care and that you took the time to pack something you bought thinking about him or her.

What should you consider before wrapping a gift?

Keep in mind that nowadays it is not necessary to fill yourself with a lot of wrapping paper to be able to pack something, as long as you have some basic elements and you are on a clean and comfortable surface, it is enough. However, what you should think about is who you are going to give the gift to, their tastes, favorite colors, in short.

How to wrap gifts creatively? Step by Step


List of materials needed, such as wrapping paper, scissors, tape, ribbon, labels, etc.

You must take into account a suitable gift wrapping paper, that is to say, you must choose the colors, prints according to the occasion and tastes of the person. If it is a boy or girl, go for the printed ones, which come in handy and are very popular. There are super heroes or original figures, also with messages or glitter. Gender is also something that is taken into account when giving gifts, usually when they are gifts for men with whom you do not have much confidence, choose a paper without prints and dark colors. If it is a woman, light colors are usually more successful.

Measurement and cutting of paper

Detailed explanation of how to measure the paper needed to wrap the gift correctly.

Cutting with a box cutter while supporting it with a ruler can help you get a clean, precise cut. If you are good with scissors, you can choose to trace the line where you want to cut and then cut it carefully. It's important to try to make a precise cut, because that ensures that the parts will be even when it's time to wrap.

Basic wrapping

  • Placement of the gift: Keep in mind what you are going to wrap, shape and size of the gift so that the paper can cover everything and be well wrapped. This obviously must be done before cutting the paper.
  • How to place the gift in the paper in a centralized way: when you have already tested that the paper will be enough to wrap the gift, cut and put the piece you cut on a smooth surface, put the gift on top taking care that it is in the middle, simulate that you are wrapping it, but without folding the paper (just putting it on top), there you can move it until you see it centered, when you see it like that make a sign, a very very thin line or a piece of tape. 
  • Tips to prevent it from moving during the process: when you have it placed by a piece of tape to hold it and start packing.


  • Steps to fold the sides of the paper to create clean edges: You need to make sure you have the right amount of paper, place the gift inside and now fold one of the sides of the paper over the gift, making sure you get enough to cover it completely. Start by folding one of the edges of the paper inwards, making sure it is straight. Then do the same with the other side, using tape to secure what you are doing. With this, the edges will be aligned, but make sure the tape is transparent.
  • Explanation of the technique to obtain perfect corners: you must bring one of the corners of the paper towards the center of the gift and adjust it, then fold the remaining paper inwards, making a triangular flap. Do the same with the opposite corner, making sure that the triangles are well defined and that the folds or creases are well defined. 

When you finish folding, secure everything with tape and close it tightly to protect the gift. Remember that as you repeat this action, you will get better at it

Close with adhesive tape

Once the gift is wrapped, it is very important to secure it well so that it does not come off, but also so that it looks elegant, well packaged and discreet (that is why the zipper is essential), for that you must:

  • Make sure you have transparent tape.
  • Place the wrapped gift with the card and the side you want to show up so that the other side can be glued well and not be noticed.
  • Cut the tape well.
  • Secure the gift in the center by fastening it with tape or tape. Avoid applying too much pressure as this may damage the paper.
  • Hold the gift not only in the center but on each side, both vertically and horizontally.
  • Very important, avoid making the ribbon look bulky or badly cut, take your time and you will make it perfect.

Additional details

  • Ribbon: To make a simple but elegant ribbon that gives a special touch to your work you can follow these steps: Cut a piece of ribbon about 60 cm long (or whatever you consider depending on the size of the gift, hold the end of the ribbon in the center of the gift and then start wrapping it around, leaving a few bubles loose, keep wrapping the ribbon until you have the desired number of blucles, cut it and secure it in the back either with a knot or with tape.
  • You can try different types of ribbon, either wider or thinner or even colored, which will give it an original and elegant touch. Remember that each color or texture of the ribbon has some meaning, or tends to be associated with something, for example, red with love, or gold or silver with much more elegance.
  • Tags:

A personalized tag is usually a good choice for your gift, try to be inspired with simple but strong phrases, that is, something that characterizes that person or something that makes them feel close and very important to you, it can be a quality, something you remember that they did for you and that maybe they don't even remember, but you do have present. Or some achievement that you want to highlight. Remember that it should be something short but very expressive, depending on the confidence you have with that person.

Final touches

When the gift is ready you should be sure to add finishing touches that will help your gift look spectacular. For example, smooth the paper so there are no wrinkles, make sure the wrapping is completely clean and that the ribbon doesn't look bulky in any corner. Obviously, make sure that the gift does not come out on either side. Remember to give it your personal touch by applying a scent, decorating it with a photograph, ribbon or something original.

Best wrapping materials

If you want to go for something different than gift wrapping paper, there are some environmentally friendly options that will make you look great.

  • Eco-friendly fabrics: This is where reusable fabrics such as organic cotton or linen come in, you can wrap your gift with this material and decorate it with a pretty bow.
  • Organic cotton bags: They are an original and practical option to wrap your gifts. You can decorate them as you like and they are simple and elegant. An advantage is that they can be reused later.
  • Cardboard or wooden boxes: They are a reusable, beautiful and resistant option, and can be customized as you wish, either by adding materials or painting them. 
  • Magazine or newspaper: They look super cool! Choose eye-catching pages to wrap your gifts, you're sure to be surprised.
  • Aluminum cans: For small gifts, a good option is to pack them in cans or containers, these you can decorate and achieve a gift with a very personal touch.
  • Seed paper: This type of paper is very original because it has seeds embedded in its composition, so you will give two gifts, because when it is unwrapped, the paper can be planted so that the seeds grow.
  • Kraft paper: It is an economical, versatile and ecological option, it can be decorated in many ways, either with drawings, photos, ribbons, stamps, in short.
  • Jute: An original, beautiful and above all sustainable material. It is very rustic and handmade.


There are many ways to package gifts, however, to ensure that both the gift and the packaging are original, it is necessary to take the time, review the tastes and preferences of the recipient and let your imagination run wild. If you put your heart into it, your good taste will be reflected in an unforgettable gift both inside and out.

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