Gender reveal party: What it is, how to organize it and better ideas

Gender reveal party: What it is, how to organize it and better ideas

Gender reveal party: What it is, how to organize it and better ideas

One of the trends of the moment when it comes to talking about babies is the party in which the gender of the baby is revealed, without a doubt something that fills the future parents with illusion and a lot of love. This celebration is characterized by being a moment full of joy, light and laughter, while it is discovered if the new member of the family would be a boy or a girl. Here we give you a series of ideas so that you know how to organize it step by step and leaving a mark.

What is a gender reveal party?

As the name implies, a gender reveal party is a celebration in which parents-to-be let family and friends know the sex of the baby. The idea is that the way in which this being reveals itself is creative, tender and striking.


This type of party offers several benefits that we will tell you about below, in addition to all the excitement that your loved ones will have for hearing this news and the memories that will remain due to the arrival of this new being. Here are some of them:

Family union

It should be remembered that thanks to this celebration everyone is united around the baby, so the idea is that they work together in planning the celebration and in its development. That strengthens family ties.

Development of creativity

Provides the opportunity to do quite a creative display to introduce the gender of the baby. So you can innovate or launch unique and own ideas for the new member of the family clan.

pink baby stockings knitted to reveal their gender


You can leave your personal stamp on the celebration, so that other pregnant women in your family adopt it and it becomes a tradition.

Emotional connection

Without a doubt, all that emotion that you are feeling, you are transmitting and that is very healthy for the baby, in addition to generating a unique connection between the parents and the child, knowing and making known once and for all what gender she has her baby, even and what it will be called.

Great moment for the baby

Unborn and this is already a celebration for him, so it is very significant.

Keep in mind that the most important thing about this celebration is to have fun and do something nice in honor of the baby.

How to organize a gender reveal party? Step by Step

balloons to organize and decorate a baby gender reveal party

Throwing a gender reveal party takes planning, time, and creativity, but it doesn't necessarily have to be complicated. For the event to be successful you must be organized and take into account some important aspects:

party decorations baby gender reveal according to theme


You must choose a place that suits what you are going to do, that is, the decoration, the number of guests, you must think about access to that place and the privacy it has. Remember that the time of year is the one that defines what atmosphere you want it with, whether open or closed space. Think that in addition to the guests you will have to put chairs, tables and decoration, does it fit where you saw it?


Here you can give free rein to your imagination, making your own creative invitations. Keep in mind the format that you are going to use, whether digital or printed. Also think about who you are going to invite, it is worth making a list to organize yourself better, yes, do it with time. For the card you can use neutral colors so that you do not give away the sex of the baby. You can also choose a particular theme and from there not only send the invitation, but also decorate the place.


And it is that speaking of decoration it is a subject that you must have very resolved beforehand. The idea is that all the decoration, the cards and everything that has to do with the party are in sync, so it's not a minor detail, quite the opposite. Remember to decorate with balloons, pennants, posters and you can even choose some significant photographs and hang them in a corner of the party.


Here is perhaps the most important thing about the celebration: how you are going to publicize the genre. For this, keep in mind that there are different ways, with a light show, with the genre inside a balloon that is later exploded in front of all the attendees. You can also make the attendees complete challenges that you give them by means of clues. In the end, the one who completes them all will be the first to know the sex of the baby and inform the others.

Food and drink

baby gender reveal party food and drink

You can't miss it, so something to snack on, such as mini hotdogs, pizzas or mini hamburgers, a cheese platter, ham, skewers, fruits such as chocolate-covered strawberries, non-alcoholic soft drinks, and cupcakes filled with color (that is related to the gender of the baby) are usually the most popular options at these types of parties.


In this type of celebration, the activities that are carried out with the guests play a crucial role in the event, since it keeps the attendees entertained, interacting and, above all, ensures lots of laughs and a good afternoon. Some popular games are:

The bets: A cheer is made with the bets on the baby and each guest goes by the gender they think it is. It's so much more fun when it's revealed.

Pass word

You can also incorporate this activity with some specific words that refer to motherhood or the baby, for example better names.

Photo section and photo call

Planning a photo section with a good background is key and makes a difference in a celebration, so take your time to know how you want it. Your guests will love it.

Moment covers

Without a doubt, the peak moment of the celebration is when the gender of the baby is revealed. The idea is that photos and videos of this moment are taken, that it be fun and that everyone can interact with the parents and the baby, even if the baby has not been born, a good way to remember the illusion of the moment is for each guest to write to the boy or girl a message that their parents will keep until the little one can read it and can feel all the emotion of that moment. Within the activities you can also do diaper races, water balloon battle, confetti piñata, in short. Everything to start living a tradition.

Top 10 Ideas for a Gender Reveal Party

If the idea of holding a celebration like this sounds like a lot to you, but you are still not sure how to do it, we give you the following ideas:

A great idea is to consider giving away a children's accessory and for that the best thing is everything you find in Kiddus that offers you a variety of baby care products that would be a unique and beautiful detail for the guests, a bib or pacifier with a card thanking you for attending and revealing the gender of the baby, would be great. Another option is the occasional baby sunglasses. In terms of style and color, the sun rayz sunglasses, are a good idea.


The idea is that they are delivered to all the guests and all open them to the count of three. Learn how to wrap gifts step by step: simple, fast and elegant

Colored smoke

You can use colored smoke bombs to reveal the gender of the baby, it will be very exciting.

Surprise piñata

How about a piñata and in there the gender of the baby and lots of colored confetti? Meet creative pinata ideas and make the best in the world for your event.

Darts game

A balloon with the gender of the baby inside and the guests trying to burst it with darts to find out the gender of the baby will be quite entertaining.

Surprise video

It is super nice to break the news, record a video and show it at the party, something that is emotional, accompanied by music that is associated with the moment, it is an excellent way to welcome the little one who is on the way.

Balloons in a Box

 Fill a box with giant balloons in the color of the baby's gender and open it in the middle of the celebration, another simple and cute idea (take care that the balloons are not harmful to the environment).

Learn how to organize balloons and not go crazy trying.

Wheel of Fortune

Create a kind of wheel of fortune with different colored squares, then spin it in front of everyone to reveal the gender.

Flower Bouquet

Tuck a ribbon with the baby's gender into a bouquet of flowers, then unveil it in front of all the guests.

Pet with message

If your pet is very important in your family, have it enter the middle of the celebration with a basket or box and reveal the gender of the baby there.

Box with photographs

You can take a sequence of photographs, take them out of a large box and in the middle of all these, take out a poster that says the gender of the baby.


Revealing the baby's gender has become quite an experience, so go ahead and try some of these ideas that will surely remain in your memory and that of your guests, for a lifetime.

Author: Kiddus Team

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