Parks for children in Spain: Best 30 in 2023

Parks for children in Spain: Best 30 in 2024

Parks for children in Spain: Best 30 in 2024

Playgrounds are an ideal option for children, since most of them spend an unforgettable time with the number of games and activities that are there, they are also a relaxing and fun alternative for parents, where they can disconnect from daily tasks, having a good dose of adrenaline, or at least rest.

In addition, visiting parks, whether or not they have mechanical attractions, brings certain benefits that are worth taking into account. Keep reading so that you know the 30 best parks in Spain for the remainder of this 2023, where you will have laughs and good times guaranteed.

Benefits of children's parks

Without a doubt, these spaces are important for the development of children, as it helps them manage their emotions and face some fears. Through outdoor games, children improve their ability and motor skills and also develop work skills. as a team and cooperate. Plus, it's very satisfying to see their happy faces while they explore those environments. The most important thing is that they feel safe and that they access games that are suitable for their age, following the corresponding rules. Go ahead and make a route to visit these parks:

Madrid amusement park


This park is one of the most traditional in Spain, as it offers a number of attractions, including live shows and themed areas. So if what you want is a wide range of attractions, include this park on your list.

 Madrid Warner Park


If you like Warner Bros movies, this is a park you can't miss. All the attractions are based on their movies and characters and there are from roller coasters to interactive games. Get ready to live an unforgettable experience remembering Bugs Bunny , Silvestre, Marvin, among others.

 Europe Park Torrejón de Ardoz

Europe park Torrejón

This park is highly visited as it has replicas of the most famous European monuments, such as the London Bridge, the Eiffel Tower and even has an original fragment of the Berlin Wall. Each monument has the respective explanation that takes you into the history of those cities. In addition, from June to September there is a Cybernetic fountain that offers a light, water and sound show.

Let your children explore the most important monuments in the world, in one place!

Terra Mitica


It is located in Benidorm, it is a magical place where children can learn about different civilizations, such as Egypt, Rome and Greece, it has different themed attractions that will fill you with emotion.

Prehistory Park in Teverga

Prehistory Park

It is a fascinating place where you learn about prehistory, it has replicas of dinosaurs with their respective implications and interactive caves.

 Ciudatella Park in Barcelona

Ciudatela Park

This park offers a natural environment in the middle of the city. It has a large lake for boat trips, large green areas and playgrounds. Ideal to spend the afternoon or a summer morning.

Valdebebas Forest Park, Madrid


The Valdebebas-Felipe VI Forest Park has an approximate extension of 470 hectares, is located in the District of Hortaleza and is a rural space in the middle of the city, with different garden areas and representations of the different landscapes that can be seen in the peninsula also has a central wooden labyrinth that forms an ascending spiral, with different plant formations and terraces.

La Negrita Park, Malaga

 La Negrita Park

The Parque de a Negrita is the holder of a Golden Swing that accredits it as one of the best play areas for children in all of Spain. It has a large play area, another for a walk and another for rest. You can experience the history and gastronomy of the town there and learn about some of its traditions. One of its features is that it has tube slides that measure eleven meters high and eight meters long. Your children will love them!

Children's City Park, Getafé , Madrid

Children City Park

This park is linked to Parque Andalucía in Getafe. It has different areas and in the central one there is a super fun tower for the little ones, full of slides where you can spend a fun afternoon.

El Castillo Park, Leganés, Madrid

El Castillo Park

This park is one of the newest in Spain and its main feature is that it is home to the largest Robinia Castle in Europe, 10 meters high. The park has an area of 5,388 square meters and is divided into a recreation area, where you can find slides, blackboard swings, a climbing and zip-line area, and a sports area,

Valley of the Six Senses, Valladolid

Valley of the six senses

This is an ideal park for the whole family, it has about 60 games, as well as a spectacular green area and access for disabled people. The park is divided into different areas: the Stone Garden, the Palace of the Senses, the Valley of the Brave, Las Colinas del Laberinto, Merendero del Dique, La Granja, El Bosque Rascanubes, El Corazón de Esgueva, La Plaza Dorremí , Los Castillos, The Theater of Echoes. In the Valley there are also some ruins that serve as a play space.

Water Park, Luis Buñuel, Zaragoza

Water Park

This park has more than 120 hectares and is the largest urban park in Zaragoza and has received many awards for its management and operation as a park, with multiple varieties of trees.

In addition, the park has 2 circuits, one of 5 kilometers and the other of 10 kilometers.

Juan Carlos I Park, Madrid

Juan Carlos I Park, Madrid

This park recovered a degraded area of the city, respecting a century-old tree and a lake of about 30 thousand square meters. It has 19 sculptures and a greenhouse. The park is ideal for spending an afternoon riding a bike or skating, on weekends there are usually workshops for children, and there is also a free train that runs through it every day.

Francesc Macià Park in Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona

Francesc Macià Park in Malgrat de Mar, Barcelona

It is an ideal place to spend the day as it has different areas, including games, picnics and sports areas. It also has an amphitheater where they usually perform outdoor shows. In total it has a green area of 40 thousand square meters.

The park has spaces with sculptures, didactic panels and points dedicated to children's stories.

Madrid Rio, Madrid

Madrid Rio

This park, parallel to the Manzanares River, is rich in fauna and flora, it also has historical monuments and incredible spaces for leisure and culture, as well as 17 children's play areas, each with different characteristics depending on the age. In addition, the park has Madrid Río beach made up of three aquatic areas, ideal for summer.

Boys and girls park in Jeréz de la Frontera

Boys and girls park in Jeréz de la Frontera

This park offers different children's games, with a variety of outdoor activities and large green areas. Ideal to share with the family.

 Parc de Sa Rierra , Palma de Mallorca

Park de Sa Rierra

This is ideal for enjoying nature. It has garden areas, several rest areas and picnic areas. Ideal to spend a day in nature.

Family Park, Almería

Family Park

It includes a children's play area, picnic area, green spaces and usually offers a series of activities and workshops for the whole family.

Aviocar Children's Park , Getafé 

Aviocar Children

The park gets its name from the main plane that decorates it. It is themed with airplanes, offering games and activities especially for the little ones.

Alcobendas theme parks in Madrid

Alcobendas theme parks

They are large theme parks that encompass a number of concepts or activities, including adventure, cultural or entertainment parks, among others.

Giant slide park, Barcelona

Giant Slide Park

This park has slides of different types and structures. In addition, it has games of different sizes so that children can share with others and let their imagination fly while they live different adventures.

Park of the Queen of Salt, Torrevieja, Alicante

Park of the Queen Park

This park has a lot to do with local culture and the entire history of the city, so you can learn a lot about all this, while resting in large recreational spaces.

Don Quixote de la Mancha Children's Area, from the Stallions Park, in Alcalá de Henares

Don Quijote de la Mancha Children Area

It is a park totally inspired by the classic novel 'Don Quixote de la Mancha', it offers, in addition to stories, different games and activities for the little ones.

Briz Farm, Pontevedra

Briz Farm

This place works as an educational farm, here visitors can interact with animals, while learning about rural life and different species.

Cinema park in Malaga

Cinema Park

It is a place related to the cinema. The entire film industry is represented in this space, entertaining and interesting.

Cuña Verde Park, La Latina, Madrid

Cuña Verde Park

Located in the La Latina neighborhood, in the center of Madrid, it is a space in the middle of the city that allows contact with nature, breathe fresh air and spend an afternoon of rest and recreation.

Colegio Island Park, Alcalá de Henares

Colegio Island Park

This park is related to local history and culture, it is an idea for children to learn a little about this place, while spending the afternoon.

Complutum Thematic Area 

Complutum Thematic

Located in Alcalá de Henares, it is related to the ancient Roman city of Complutum and offers a unique educational and cultural experience.

Cabárceno Nature Park

Cabárceno Nature Park

Located in Cantabria, it is a Zoo that simulates a Safari, where visitors can observe the animals in a natural, spacious and relaxed environment.

Port Aventura, Tarragona

Port Aventura

It is a fairly traditional theme park and offers different mechanical attractions, live shows and different options for relaxation and family entertainment.


As there are a number of parks where you can make very fun plans with your children, so check out the ones you like the most and get to work, start the tour! Of course, start making reservations in advance and check the schedules so that you don't have last-minute inconveniences.

Remember, if you go for a walk with the little ones to any of these parks on a sunny or very hot summer day, you must protect your children from the sun and for this I recommend you to use  sunglasses for children and baby sunglasses from Kiddus. A good choice in terms of style, are the sun rayz sunglasses, in addition, they protect them from ultraviolet rays.

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