Riviera Maya with kids: 15 places not to be missed

Riviera Maya with kids: 15 places not to be missed

Riviera Maya with kids: 15 places not to be missed

One of the most popular places to have a vacation in the Caribbean is undoubtedly the Mayan Riviera in Mexico, a tourist destination par excellence, very popular for its blue beaches, its delicious cuisine, its incredible climate, landscapes, friendly people and a unique culture to discover. So, if you are planning this summer to have the Mayan Riviera as your destination, you will not regret it. 

Keep in mind that this is not only a trip you can make alone or with your partner, the Riviera Maya offers several activities for the whole family, including your children, if this is your case, here are some ideas of 15 amazing places worth considering, plus some recommendations that will make your trip easier, enjoyable, safe and fun:

The recommended places to visit and not to be missed are:

Xcaret Park

girl on the beach xcaret

This park is one of the most popular and ideal for families. It is full of nature and entertainment, as both children and adults can explore different landscapes and activities, such as subway rivers, navigate in caves, learn all about the Mayan culture with live shows and primitive stories full of excitement. The park has a beach and offers a variety of activities in the sea.

Playa del Carmen

sunset in playa del carmen


It is one of the most visited beaches of the Riviera Maya, its white sand and spectacular weather and clear water make it an incredible destination. From there you can stroll along Quinta Avenida, known for its restaurants, full of typical food, ice cream, bars and stores. From there you can also do various activities in the sea, such as scuba diving, snorkeling and others that are worth checking out.


beautiful view of tulum beach

Spectacular sacred place, full of architectural ruins located in a place full of beautiful views in front of the sea. A lot of history in one place, where the whole family will learn about this civilization, their way of life, culture and how they disappeared. It is a place with magical sunsets, where you can recreate how this civilization lived.

Cenote Dos Ojos

people on the beach cenote of eyes

This place is one of the natural wonders of the world. They are natural wells of fresh and crystalline water. There the most experienced divers can swim and enjoy the scenery of rock formations and play of lights, children and those who can barely swim, can also enjoy snorkeling or just cooling off a little.


mexico akumal beach

This is sure to be a destination where the kids will have a lot of fun, as it is a sea turtle sanctuary. The whole family can learn about sea turtle conservation, swim with them and see the coral reefs.


xel ha beach

This is a water park, but totally ecological, where you can appreciate all the benefits of the environment, the privileged location of the Riviera Maya and all its variety of fauna and flora. With multiple activities for the little ones to enjoy.

Xplor Park

Xplor Park beach

This is an adventure park that offers several alternatives for the little ones, such as zip lines, jungle tours, swimming in clear rivers, cave tours, in short, many unique experiences for the whole family. 

Isla Mujeres

isla mujeres beach

It is an island with a lot of history in front of Cancun, the whole family can enjoy quiet beaches, while practicing water sports. You can also visit the Garrafon Natural Park, which has a fun adventure park.

Cenote Ik Kil

Cenote Ik Kil beach

Another incredible place with beautiful crystalline waters and a waterfall where children can swim and have fun.


Relaxing at Coba beach

This is an archaeological site where children can climb the highest pyramid in the region, the Nohoch Mul, while doing so they can learn about the Mayan culture.

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve

A natural paradise where children can go by boat appreciating the mangroves, birds and different animals, while learning about environmental conservation.

Chichen Itza

chichen itza

Undoubtedly this is one of the most important archaeological sites in all of Mexico, it is part of the new wonders of the world and is rich in history and culture. The family can enjoy all its charm while the little ones learn about its history. An experience worth living.

Gran Cenote

playa gran cenote

Children can learn about all this natural beauty, while swimming and appreciating the different rock formations. It is also a must for divers.

Holbox Island

holbox island

It is a quiet and crystalline island, its main attraction for children is that there live a large number of flamingos and they can enjoy watching them. In addition, you can practice various water activities such as kayaking. Undoubtedly, a place suitable for the enjoyment of the whole family.

Garrafon Park

garrafon park

Located in Isla Mujeres, Garrafon Park is an underwater adventure park that offers multiple exciting and safe activities for both children and adults.

As you can see, these are the must-see places if you go on a trip to the Riviera Maya and even more so if you visit it with children, because they are diverse, beautiful and full of history and culture.


Although there are many activities you can do with children in the Riviera Maya, it is important that you keep in mind some recommendations:

Protect them from the sun

A good sunscreen, a cap or hat and  sunglasses for children  (there are some spectacular ones at Kiddus, check them out, they are special for children, there are even some for babies, they have UV filters and are beautiful and comfortable).


Always carry water and give it constantly.

Be careful with the clothes

Choose clothes made of fresh and soft materials. Remember that there are swimsuits or special clothes that protect from the sun and that is essential for your children's skin.

Watch your child's diet

Do not give your child everything you are offered. Although the food is delicious, go little by little and let him try what he wants according to his age, but in small quantities to avoid intoxication.

Go early to each site

Do not leave it to the last minute, as the idea is that you can enjoy the whole day doing the different activities or visits.

You may be interested in reading the article  20 outdoor games, in case you do not decide on one of the recreations of the place you are going to.

Also if you visit the web blog, you will see that there are other alternative activities to do with your children at any time and place, for example: pool games kids,  slime games for kidsboard games for kindergarteners, make easy face painting designs,you even have play activities that entertain children and help them learn, for example:graphomotor activities  and even  short stories for kids.

Never leave your children alone

Unless they are supervised by an adult. Keep an eye on them to avoid headaches.

Going to visit any attraction or place that is outside of those recommended 

Make sure it is an official place, that is to say, that it is recognized and with which you have all the guarantees of security and obviously of fun.

Find out about currency exchange

So that you can bring Mexican pesos already exchanged or exchange them in a place that is guaranteed, legal and safe.
Take lots of pictures, you will have beautiful postcards of that destination.


The Riviera Maya is a unique and incredible place, ideal as a family destination because of the multiple activities it offers, its culture, its historical and architectural richness, so it is a recommended destination to include as a vacation plan, especially if you are going with children. It is enough to organize your itinerary with time, see well and choose which places you want to visit, pack and above all take into account the recommendations for you and your children to enjoy every corner of this spectacular piece of the Caribbean. 

So pack your bags and start traveling!

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