Cantabria with children: Must-see places this 2023

Cantabria with children: Must-see places this 2024

Cantabria with children: Must-see places this 2024

Vacations are one of the best times of the year, especially if they are well planned, if you go with children, remember that the experience they live will be part of their memories in adulthood, so it is worth taking your time and schedule, review several destinations and choose the one that best suits you and your family.

If you are not going far away, a spectacular suggestion is Cantabria. This region in the north of Spain offers a great number of alternatives to spend a season with the family, besides being in complete relaxation, surrounded by a green and welcoming landscape.

If you know little about this place, here is a list of the most popular (and kid-friendly) places in magical Cantabria, so take note and start planning your next vacation:

Cabárceno Nature Park

In this place you can take a break and truly connect with nature, observing various species of animals and plants. Among the fauna you can see elephants, giraffes, tigers, birds of prey, sea lions, in short, all in semi-freedom, which will facilitate education on the conservation of these species. For your children it will be a unique experience and an unforgettable memory.

Altamira Museum

It is ideal if your kids are archeology or history lovers, as it houses a replica of the Altamira caves (which, by the way, have been declared a World Heritage Site), plus you can learn about the life of the ancient inhabitants of the region, admire cave paintings and learn a lot about life in ancient times. It is well worth a visit.

Cuevas del Soplao

These caves offer a very original and unique subway spectacle as they have incredible geological formations, with stalactites and stalagmites formed centuries ago. With the guided tour it will be a very entertaining experience that neither parents nor children will want to miss. So include it in your destinations.

Parque de la Vida

It is located in San Vicente de la Barquera and is a pleasant and natural environment to enjoy with the family, it has several green areas suitable for walking and strolling. It also offers outdoor activities such as zip line or climbing. There is plenty of space for walking and running, so it will be a paradise for children.

Villapresente Maze

This corn maze is one of the largest and most popular in Spain, children will be able to observe and get lost among the corn stalks while trying to find a way out. They will have a great time and above all a lot of fun exploring their coordination and orientation skills. The parents will also laugh and have a great time remembering their childhood.

Fuente Dé cable car

The best panoramic views without a doubt. Do not miss this cable car that will take you to the highest point of Cantabria, children will love to see the mountains and the spectacular scenery. It is a spectacular place to relax and connect with the natural environment.

Santillana del Mar

It is popularly known as the 'town of the three lies' (neither holy, nor flat, nor with sea). It is a medieval village full of charm, with stone streets and old houses that allow children to be transported to the past and feel like real knights. Very curious to visit the museum of the Inquisition, children will learn a lot about history, plus they will hear a story or two about witches.

Sardinero Beach

A paradise of calm and transparent waters. The Sardinero Beach offers several water activities, it is located in the city of Santander and the sea there is a real delight.

Magdalena Park

 A place with large green areas, perfect for family enjoyment with a small zoo and mini golf. It is ideal to spend the day.

Botanical Garden of Santander

Here the little ones can enjoy various outdoor activities, with a variety of plants, this garden offers gardening workshops and different routes for children to learn and enjoy the beauty of the environment. Parents will also have a great time and learn a lot.

Parque Natural de las Dunas de Liencres

Another unmissable place, full of sand dunes and beautiful, fresh and crystalline beaches. An incredible natural environment, you can also observe 
different birds and practice different water sports. 

Collegiate Church of Santa Juliana

This collegiate church is located in Santillana de Mar, has a beautiful and imposing architecture, worthy of romantic art, so children can learn, observe and also play in the large green areas. For parents it will also be very interesting and nice, take the opportunity to tell a story to your child, with those scenarios of princes and princesses of yesteryear.

Palacio de La Magdalena

Beautiful palace built in the early twentieth century, with a lot of history and architecture. Take advantage of the guided tours, you will enjoy it a lot with the kids. It has green areas, spacious and beautiful. It is worth spending the afternoon there.

Cabarceno Nature Park by electric bicycle

A park full of greenery and activities for children, take the opportunity to see different species in their natural environment while you take a walk or a ride on an electric bike, this is one of the main attractions of the place and you can rent it right there.

Cantabrian Maritime Museum

Located in Santander, it is ideal for children, sea lovers and those interested in all marine life, as it offers a lot of information with which children can learn and interact. The museum has aquariums to admire the different species, it also offers an explanation of each one so that you have clarity of what you see and learn about their main curiosities.


As you are going with children, there are certain aspects that can make your stay more pleasant, so keep in mind the following recommendations that will surely save you more than one headache:

  • Try to arrive early to the tours and destinations so that you can do them without rushing, especially to avoid last minute sellouts or crowds that make it difficult to circulate.
  • Take care of your kids from the sun, remember to use sunscreen with a good filter, in addition to a hat or  sunglasses for children there are some very cool options that also offer UV protection at Kiddus, so take a look and take the opportunity to choose colors and sizes, there are many! Suitable for your child's age and style.A good choice in terms of style, are the sun rayz sunglasses

  • Pack comfortable, cool and sun-friendly clothing, remember to protect them as much as possible from the sun.
  • Pack your child's belongings, personal care items, clothes and favorite toys in advance, plus a small emergency kit. Don't leave anything to the last minute!
  • Always carry hydration with you, try to make him drink water and avoid sugary drinks, as they will make him thirstier.
  • It is not a bad idea to carry insect repellent, as you know that they love the summer, so it is better to avoid bites.
  • If you are taking a bicycle for a natural tour, check the wheels and their condition to avoid last minute mishaps.

Finally, live it, this destination is wonderful and you will surely have a great time with the little ones of the family.

If you are interested in being prepared with options of activities to enjoy in this beautiful place in your free time, you could visit the blog and take note of the following activities:  20 outdoor games, pool games kids,  slime games for kids,make easy face painting designs you even have play activities that entertain children and help them learn, for example:graphomotor activities  and even  short stories for kids.


Cantabria is a magical place, with several unmissable places suitable for you to enjoy with children and program yourself with different activities. Full of nature, it will make you recharge your spirit and fill your body with tranquility and joy. So don't hesitate any longer, pack your suitcase and plan now with the kids, Cantabria is waiting for you!

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