+30 Must-Do Plans for Kids 2023: Fun Guaranteed!

+30 Must-Do Plans for Kids 2024: Fun Guaranteed!

+30 Must-Do Plans for Kids 2024: Fun Guaranteed!

Summer has arrived and, with it, the season to spend more time with the children. During the first few days we surely have thousands of plans with them, but we must get organized beforehand. And, obviously, they also look forward to innovate and relax. Today we are going to tell you what you can do with them so that you don't die trying to keep them amused. Don't worry, the sooner you get organized, the easier it will be.

Let's go for it!

Going to the amusement park or water park

Who doesn't enjoy a day playing in the water? Water parks will keep everyone cool and having fun. Meet best beach games to enjoy during the day and not get bored.

Another option can be an amusement park with different rides for all ages. 

Visiting an interactive museum for children

Museums don't have to be only for adults or people who know about art. Interactive museums are a source of entertainment for everyone and can even awaken the curiosity of the little ones for science.

Going to the cinema or children's theater

Throughout the year there are many premieres available in cinemas and theaters. You can choose to alternate between venues depending on your budget and the plays available. You could even use it as a birthday present and take your kids and friends.

Take a nature excursion

Nature is like a big amusement park for children. There they can learn by playing with trees, rivers, flowers and plants. If they are lucky, they might even meet new animals and insects.

Go to the beach and play in the sand and water

Better fun than the beach? We doubt there is! It's ideal if you can go in the hot summer and spring months, but year-round the beach is beautiful. Just don't forget to bring sunscreen and a bottle of water.

Visiting a zoo or aquarium

A good outing, especially after achieving an accomplishment such as a good exam, can be the perfect excuse to go to the zoo to get up close and personal with the animals. If we have little ones who enjoy animals and sea creatures, then the aquarium is the ideal option.

Camping and outdoor activities

Are you up for an immersive experience? By going camping you will be able to see the stars, sleep in sleeping bags and interact much more with nature. You could even cook in nature.

It might be interesting to read the article 20 outdoor games to enjoy while camping.

Visiting a science park or planetarium

What could be better than seeing the stars up close? In a planetarium they can see the stars, blue bodies and planets even closer. They could also go to a science park, where in addition to having fun, they will learn something.

Going to a local fair or festival

Great family time! Lots of laughter, lots of dancing and delicious food. There are many fairs in the different communities and they all take place at different times of the year. Cheer up, there are even those where you can go in costume. 

Making crafts at home

A little clay, dough and mud, and everyone will have fun. They will be able to create new works of art, express their creativity and experiment with textures and colors. They can work with newsprint, different types of colors (oils, watercolors and tempera), cardboard or whatever they have in hand.

Organize a board game session with the family

Mind race, cards, Uno, Monopoly. There are endless board games, suitable for all budgets, and for all ages. So you can spend the rainy afternoons, cold days and do something more than being with the computer or Tablet. You can also try entertaining yourself with slime games for kids.

Going to a trampoline park

Do you want to expend a lot of energy? Then the trampoline park is ideal for you and your children. They will be able to expend a lot of energy, jump and pirouette.

Take a bicycle tour

Whether with rental bikes or with your own, with or without wheels, with or without a basket, a bike ride helps us to get to know new places. On a day of fresh air, sunshine and joy, it can look even better with a bicycle. Remember helmets and protection for the little ones. 
Going to a rope park or adventure park

Also called zipline, aerial adventure parks or palestra, you can go to the outskirts of the city, near the groves, and have fun gaining confidence. Why gaining confidence? Because they are sports that help us develop motor skills and confidence in our steps.

Go ice-skating or in-line skating

Great plan for a hot day. It doesn't matter if you know how to skate or not, here you can learn to ride on the sky, do pirouettes and develop new skills, and who knows, you might even become an Olympian!

Visit a theme park

Sesame Street, Ferrari, Medieval and many more. These are some of the theme parks that exist in the country that we can enjoy. How about making a calendar and visit the ones we like the most?

Going to a swimming pool or water par

Closer than the sea, the swimming pool and water park option offers the possibility for children to meet new friends and refresh themselves. Here they also have games where they can develop new skills.

Find out what pool games kids can enjoy this summer. Remember to bring  sun protection kids to prevent them from sunburn 

Do a sports activity as a family, such as soccer or basketball

Sports are a great way to spend time as a family. It's not just going to the stadium, but practicing them all together. 

Go to a children's recreation center or playground

A little more controlled and a lot more relaxed, the leisure centers allow us to have the children cared for by teachers while we rest a little. In addition, as there are more children, they will be more entertained.

Take a boat or kayak excursion

Water is an incredible channel of emotions. How about getting a little closer? We could kayak in one of the rivers and lagoons. If we want to experience the real Mediterranean summer, a boat trip is an out-of-this-world plan.

Visit a botanical garden or a natural park

Something closer than going to the forest is the option of going to a botanical garden or a natural park. We can learn about the flora, breathe fresh air and disconnect from the noise and madness of the city.

Go to a farm school and learn about animals and nature

Cows, pigs, chickens and ducks are some of the animals they can meet on the farm. Come and show them how peaceful and beautiful life on the farm is, and all the work that goes into it.

Excursion to a castle or fortress

Do you like knights and princesses? Visiting their castles and fortresses is a great way to soak up history and feel, for a while, that we live in another era. 

Going to a concert or show for children

There is not much to explain, music and entertainment are those plans that can unite the little ones of the house with the older ones. We can find artists that we all like and have a good time. 

Have a cooking session and prepare a recipe as a family

Cooking brings us all together, helps us gain autonomy and unleashes creativity. From cookies, soups, pies and cakes, cooking can happen any day and the flavors and aromas will delight us all.

Going to a miniature golf park or bowling alley

Mini golf or bowling? We can make a Thursday or Friday plan by doing something different. Everyone can choose their own color of golf club or ball to show more of our authenticity.

Visiting a butterfly or insect park

Want something truly different? Go see and learn about the butterflies of the world and the insects they inhabit as well. Of all colors, with peculiarities and shapes, it's a small (but complex!) universe ready to meet. 

Going to a karting or racing track

Do you like adrenaline? Karting and racing will make them feel real adrenaline and fun. Just remember to always wear a helmet.
Do an artistic activity as a family, such as painting or sculpture.

Art is the best channel of expression for us. We can do it at home, in the garden or even in a park. Painting, sculpting, cutting out magazines and making collages is a very good idea to keep us all entertained.

Going to a water or thermal park

Relaxation? A water or thermal park is the best idea for us to relax and for the kids to slow down a bit. 


First and foremost, plan ahead. Some of these options require reservations, prepayment and a little more organization. Also, this will help keep the kids looking forward, knowing that on such and such a day they have an activity ready. Don't forget to pack food and drinks, especially water, if they will be gone for a long time. For sunny days remember sunscreen, insect repellent and sunglasses. Did you know there is a site that sells   sunglasses for children ? It's called  Kiddus  and they have a lot of models for all ages and all styles. They have a small loop in the back that will help them fit snugly on the face of our children so they don't lose them.


We know, we've given you a lot of options, but don't worry. Do what comes from your heart and it will be perfect. If you add a few options to your daily routine, you will see how the kids will have fun and you will have more time to rest as well. Remember that you don't have to do everything, and that you can innovate.

Author: Kiddus Team

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