Rome with children: 15 places you must visit

Rome with children: 15 places you must visit

Rome with children: 15 places you must visit

Rome, the city of fashion, love, the eternal city, an attractive tourist destination for people of all ages who every time are dazzled by its charm, its magic and its history, a destination that many dream of not only for its landscapes, but for its food and its people.
If you are thinking of visiting, but don't know whether to do it with children, the answer is: Do it! The city offers you a variety of scenery to visit.
So if your plan is to go this summer, take note of the following places, pack your bags and go for your trip, don't miss any of them and enjoy every corner of this beautiful destination. These are 15 emblematic places you have to visit:

Roman Colosseum

An iconic monument and protagonist of thousands of postcards. Built in the first century A.D. it was the scene of several fights, almost home to gladiators, the scene of public events and today inspiration for movies, books and paintings, thanks to its fascinating architecture. If you go with children tell them and explain a little of what life was like there, of the fascinating men who fought with lions and each other to death and also of the slave market. It is worth a guided visit.

Fontana di Trevi

One of the most beautiful fountains in the world, impressive and immense from beginning to end. Built in XVIII has a central statue of Neptune, full of reliefs. Legend has it that if you throw a coin in the fountain you will come back, but be careful not to sit on the fountain, because the police watch that this does not happen to prevent its deterioration and you can get a scare.

Vatican Museums

With many secrets and collections of art and history, you can teach children about the most important artists in history and the value of all their art for humanity. You will also get to see the Sistine Chapel with its beautiful painted ceiling.

St. Peter's Square

It is next to the Vatican Museums, is the largest and most emblematic square of the city and one of the most important places for Christianity, since it is said that the prophet Peter died there, who is considered the rock of the Christian faith. It doesn't matter if you are religious or not, it is a place worth visiting. If you are religious and want to teach your child about religion, ask what days you can listen to music with the pope.

St. Peter's Basilica

Located in St. Peter's Square, this place of faith is one of the most important in the world and is key for your child to understand a little history of the city and religion. At certain times and days admission is free, so check first.

Bocca della Veritá (or mouth of truth)

It appears in several movies and is one of the biggest attractions: the legend says that you must put your hand in an opening that has a rock and then ask a question, if the person lies, the mouth will close and therefore the rock will stay with her.

Pantheon of Agrippa

It was built in the second century BC as a temple dedicated to the Roman gods. It is one of the best preserved temples of this type of architecture.

Castel Sant'Angelo

If your child likes castles, he will love this one, it is a fortress that has also been a castle and a prison. You can climb to the top of the castle for incredible panoramic views. Take the opportunity to tell your children all the stories about this place.

Aqueduct Park

You can enjoy the ruins of several ancient temples, a whole ancient gallery in a green space that your children can explore.

Circus Maximus

It was a Roman hippodrome, also chariot races were held there, now it is in ruins, but it is worth going and imagine the excitement of those times.

Catacombs of San Calixto

They tell the Christian history, as they were used as cemeteries for Christians in the early days of the religion. There, among dark and cool corridors, you can listen to stories of these people and understand a little of their experiences.

Villa Borghese

Undoubtedly an unmissable place to go with children, full of palaces and ruins of historical value, has inside a Biopark, which is a zoo that houses and preserves different species, has lakes for paddling and a toy library to dress up, play and learn.

Gianicolo Canyon

Located on the hill of Gianicolo, you can listen to the cannon firing (this is done daily at 12 noon), at the same time that they do shows with puppets.


It is a must for the little ones, as it is a space dedicated to new technologies, where you can find games and interactive experiences to learn in a fun way.

The Pantheon

If your child likes amazing stories, it's time to take him to the Pantheon, and from there tell him how Romulus (one of the founders of Rome, according to legend) was taken to heaven with an eagle, take the opportunity to tell him the story of the brothers.

As you can see, there are several activities you can do in Rome with children, while still having fun. So plan it well and go for your vacation that will surely be an experience not to forget.


Mind you, if you are traveling with children, keep in mind the following recommendations to make the trip a wonderful one and avoid inconveniences that can be prevented:

  • Check the season of the year so that you wear clothes according to the weather.
  • Always wear sunscreen and make sure it has a filter according to your skin and obviously, to the time and the sun you will be exposed to.
  • In summer, don't forget to moisturize
  • Be careful with the sun, we recommend you visit Kiddus where you will find a selection of beautiful and fashionable sunglasses for children ,baby sunglasses. A good choice in terms of style, are the sun rayz sunglasses, also, they protect them from ultraviolet rays.

  • Check and plan ahead how to get tickets for the places you are going to visit.
  • Get up early, it is better to arrive early to avoid long lines.
  • Wear comfortable clothes, you usually have to walk a lot, so it is important that you wear clothes according to the season and preferably a pair of sneakers that do not fit you and that can withstand the jogging.
  • If you have already bought tickets for guided tours or similar, do not be confident and arrive in advance. They usually start on time and do not wait for anyone. So avoid losing your ticket for being late.


Rome is a city that always surprises, every corner is full of history and treasures that you will discover in every street. Going with children is not impossible, as you can see, you can share some visits with them and they will surely have a great time. Or you can choose to visit places a little out of the conventional, but that will be fun, such as the Villa del Borguese, or the technology park, do not hesitate and visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

If you are interested in being prepared with options of activities to enjoy in this beautiful place in your free time, you could visit the blog and take note of the following activities:  20 outdoor games, pool games kids,  slime games for kids,make easy face painting designs you even have play activities that entertain children and help them learn, for example:graphomotor activities  and even  short stories for kids.

Rome awaits you with the kids on board!

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