15 activities in Barcelona with children 2023

15 activities in Barcelona with children 2024

15 activities in Barcelona with children 2024

Barcelona is a city full of magic, with delicious gastronomy, incredible architecture, art everywhere, shops of all kinds and nature galore, in short, a perfect city for a vacation or a weekend getaway, which will Allow yourself to disconnect a little from the routine.

However, what some do not know is that the best of all is that it is full of activities that you can go to with children, that is, it is not just a city to visit as a couple or with friends, so do not rule out traveling. Take your little ones to this destination, where you will find a lot to do.

Alone, as an adult or as a family, in Barcelona you can enjoy different must-do plans for kids such as going to theme parks, natural parks, enjoying the beach, its streets and its history.

So if you are planning to visit the Catalan capital, we recommend having this list on hand with 15 ideas of incredible places in that city, full of color, culture and fun.

Go pack your suitcase and enjoy this spectacular destination with your children. Take note!


This is the oldest mechanical amusement park in all of Spain, it has different attractions for all ages. Plus, an incredible view of the city.

It is ideal if you want to spend an afternoon there, you can bring something to eat or directly buy something there, the space is quite spacious and natural, so children can run, breathe another air and, above all, go on the number of attractions that are offered.

You can also go late in the afternoon and watch the sunset from there, don't forget to carry your glasses in your  wallet  sunglasses for children. A good idea is to choose the  sun rayz sunglasses of Kiddus.They are great!

Park Gûell

A spectacular park, undoubtedly an architectural marvel and a true pleasure for the eyes, where you can begin to teach your little ones about art, designed by none other than Gaudí and declared a UNESCO heritage site. of humanity.

It has beautiful sculptures full of color. Ideal for traveling with the family.



Without a doubt the best view of the city. At 175 meters high it is the 'skyscraper' of Barcelona. You can not lose this! You will enjoy it a lot, you can take some postcard photos, and you can also see several iconic points of this capital from there.


Barcelona Zoo

A place for children to learn about wildlife conservation, while breathing fresh air and having fun.

The Zoo always has different activities, for example laboratories, educational sessions or specific explanations about habitats and animals. If you want to know more about it, you can go directly to the institution's page and there you will see dates and times.



Mossén Cinto Verdguer Gardens

These gardens are right on the Montj u ïc mountain , where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the entire city, with the sea and nature as a frame.

Take advantage and give yourself a break by visiting this place, your children will have fun walking, running or taking advantage of some outdoor activity.


Children's traffic park

In addition to traditional games, in this park you can find everything related to road safety education.

It is perfect for the little ones to learn from an early age about the importance of traffic signs, driving well and pretending to be in a small citadel driving their own car.

Without a doubt a very educational park!


This is an interactive museum ideal for fostering curiosity in the little ones, it has different activities, exhibitions and a planetarium where they can learn many things about science and space, while enjoying a lively afternoon in which you also go to live a great experience.


Torreblanca Park

A green space within the city where you can enjoy nature, while teaching your little ones the importance of taking care of it.

You can organize a walk, show them small species, play and classify the plants they find along the way in a notebook, in short.

Keep in mind that this place is one of the most important urban parks in Barcelona, so you won't waste your time if you decide to visit it.


Ciutadella Park

A park to enjoy a natural environment, where children can run freely and recharge with good energy.

In addition, the park offers some activities to spend the afternoon, such as boat rides, which are very safe and fun for the kids and you. If you like tranquility and enjoy a moment of total relaxation, this is undoubtedly a key place for them, so write it down in your travel guide.


Barcelona Aquarium

An underwater world to discover, you can visit various environments, such as Mediterranean or tropical ones, you can even dive there and meet different species.

There are sharks and several large fish that will surprise you.

A perfect plan for the whole family, in which you will learn together the wonders of marine life.


Horta Labyrinth

A labyrinth in which you will live an unforgettable experience.

This is the oldest hedge maze in Barcelona and one of the best-known in Spain, so get ready for your little ones to have a fun time finding their way out, while surrounded by a beautiful and natural environment.


Chocolate Museum

If you like chocolate you can't miss visiting this place! Children will love it, they will be able to taste different varieties and also learn a lot about its history and process.

It is nothing more and nothing less than a chocolate factory, just like the one in the movies, but in real life and ready to be visited.


Barcelona port amusement park

This park is undoubtedly one of the most typical in Barcelona, it has a water park, golf course and several themed hotels nearby. Being in the port you can enjoy all the beauty of the sea and disconnect from the routine, to connect with nature. Worth visit this place! If you want more options for aquatic places, I recommend reading: Best 25 Water Parks for Children in Spain 2023


Barcelona Cable Car

A simple, but spectacular plan to see the entire city.

Super nice for children and in general, the whole family will enjoy the beautiful panoramic views, so get your cell phone or camera ready because you will take many photos.


Barcelona History Museum

This museum is an entertaining and complete option to understand the evolution of Barcelona over the years, customs, culture and key aspects of the history of this city.

Go ahead and spend an afternoon or morning getting to know it, it is an educational plan valid for the whole family.

 As you can see, in Barcelona you will find a number of activities to share with your children, in which they will have fun and learn a lot, whether they come on vacation or if they are just on a getaway, the city of Barcelona has a lot to discover. Don't miss out! you lose it!

Of course, don't forget to pack ahead of time and bring everything your children need, no matter the time of year, remember that it is essential that you protect them from the sun.

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