25 hairstyles for girls with short hair 2023, quick and pretty!

25 hairstyles for girls with short hair 2024, quick and pretty!

25 hairstyles for girls with short hair 2024, quick and pretty!

Who said that having short hair is synonymous with always having the same hairstyle? Having short hair does not have to be boring at all, on the contrary, you can try a number of very simple and fashionable hairstyles.

If you are still not completely convinced and you feel identified because you have a girl with short hair, but you have no idea how to style her hair and you just think that you lack imagination or time, because every day you are in the race against time to to arrive at school on time, this article is for you.

Ready? Take note and pay attention because we will give you 25 hairstyle ideas for short hair, which will highlight the beauty of your little one, will surely make her happy and will get you out of more than one trouble in a short time, with simple elements such as bows, colored bands, rubber bands and even clips, you can make beautiful and different hairstyles.

Get to work! Even if you have short hair, be daring and try one, it would look great if you both shared a hairstyle (not all of the ones on the list are for girls, some would also look great on mom's hair).

You could even have a morning full of color and activity, if you play to try on different hairstyles and program yourself as if it were a small spa, remember that to have a good time, you only need imagination, desire and some time and those moments remain in the memory as the best gift.

Do you want the list of hairstyles now? Well, here we give them to you, let's see which one you start trying new looks for your little one with:

Hairstyle with big bow

Super easy, make her a ponytail (either full or half) and decorate her hair with a big colorful bow. It will give a more 'chic' touch to the classic and basic hairstyle of a lifetime.

Bob with headband

If you have short hair or a bob cut (short in layers) highlight it with a headband of some striking color or texture, simple and super fast, it will also make it look different and modern.

Spike braid

Even though your hair is short, you can take strands and make a braid, finish it with a colored elastic and that's it, fix it with some small clips and if you want, apply a little hairspray so that it doesn't come loose.

Natural curls

If your girl has curly hair, let her show off those curls without fear, if she has straight hair, then take advantage of the braid that you did the day before, when you release it it will give a kind of curls that you can shape and it will be spectacular.


Two pigtails

Divide the hair into two strands and make two pigtails, it will look very fun, if you can try adding small braids around it.

Velvet ribbon

Decorate the traditional ponytail with a velvet ribbon or use the ribbon as if it were a headband, it will look elegant, but you can also choose different shades and they will get you out of more than one trouble when you have a special occasion.

Braid on one side

With your hair loose, make a thin braid on one side, super simple and pretty (instead of one, you can also do two and it will look just as good).


Low ponytail

A ponytail gathered at the bottom held with a colorful or fun elastic band gets us out of trouble and is very simple. Play with textures and take advantage of this more modern and renewed version.

Crown braid

Put it around your head, you can decorate it with small flowers. This hairstyle will get you out of trouble at some elegant event, or if you only do the braid and don't prune flowers, it will be a hairstyle that will work for you every day.

Hairstyle with a scarf

It is very simple: Tie a scarf of the design or color you want around your head, it will give you a super pretty and fresh style, ideal for summer. (look for children's prints and you'll see how good it looks).

Princess hairstyle

Just a headband and loose hair with curls.

Decorate with colored clips

Make your girl a ponytail like the usual ones, then take several colored clips and put them around her head, don't overdo it, put just enough to make it look pretty and fun.

If you can't find clips, try hair clips or barrettes.

Minion Twists

Make tiny hair twists all over your head, as if it were a little minion!


Mini braids

Make small braids all over your head and secure them with colored elastic bands. It doesn't matter if they are very small, it is an ideal hairstyle for the hot season, or simply so that your girl always looks impeccable in class.

Mini pigtails

Separate your hair in the middle with two pigtails, then put a bow on each one, you will achieve a modern look.

Comb it with flowers

Whether with your hair down or up, decorating it with small colorful flowers will give a delicate and natural touch.


Side braid hairstyle

You can play with the thickness of the braid, make it very thin, or on the contrary thicker. 'It will look great!

Use colored rubber bands

Make a simple ponytail and decorate it along the length with different colored rubber bands.


 Hairstyle with a knitted hat

Wear a knitted hat, especially in the fall or winter, it will give your girl a modern look, but above all it will keep her warm.


 High bun

It doesn't matter if it is a short hair, you can try to raise her ponytail and make it a little higher than normal, put a bun directly or a bow on it, it will look great!

 Pigtail hairstyle

Make several small pigtails and decorate them with rubber bands of different colors, or with a large rubber band or bow. It will look great!


 Add pearls

Place decorative pearls in the hair, you can vary the size of the pearl and the color according to the occasion.



A cut in which you have small bangs will surely elevate your look.


French braid

Make a small braid on one side, it will look very chic.


 Elastic bands

Decorate your hairstyle with a number of elastic bands, use different colors and order in the hairstyle, it will look very good.


Keep in mind that in addition to the hairstyle, without a doubt, an excellent option to give life to the face with short hair are accessories.

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Choose the one you like the most and that suits your little one!

If you also want to complement it with a clock you can find several designs that work in an educational way, to teach your children to know the time and identify some numbers.

So you have no excuses! This year, short hair has set a trend and will continue to do so throughout the rest of 2023, so encourage your girl to look more beautiful, fresh and fashionable! Try one of these hairstyles, it will surely look spectacular and very fun.

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