Kids Digital Watch - Boys and Girls

Best Kids Digital Watches

Best Kids Digital Watches

Digital watches for children are an excellent alternative so that they can relate to the time and begin to have a better notion of the sequence of time. These are usually made with fun colours and designs, as well as special technological features so that the little ones can associate much better and facilitate learning.

Stopwatch, light, alarm clock, water resistance, numbers with light are some of the features that a digital watch for children should have. Choosing among the multitude of digital watches on the market can become a complex task, so we recommend that you go for comfortable, functional and attractive options that adapt to the tastes and needs of your son or daughter. Alternatives like the ones we present in this article will awaken their interest and knowledge.


At Kiddus we have always believed in analogue watches as the perfect tool for children to learn to tell the time. Our Time Teacher watches have been a bestseller since their launch in 2015. However, the usefulness of digital watches for this purpose should not be underestimated. Being able to see the numbers directly on the display makes it much easier to learn to tell the time. Sooner or later, children will have to learn to read an analogue clock, but starting with a digital clock is a great help.


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Main Features

They don't have wifi, they don't have games, they don't count steps, they don't take pictures or anything like that... Kiddus digital clocks are simple and easy to use. Their basic function is to tell the time! With some added functions, of course: alarm clock, stopwatch, date and light to be able to read the time in the dark. Something children love to do.

digital watch boys and girls

For its construction we use Polyurethane (PU) straps, a flexible, durable and hypoallergenic material. The back cover, made of nickel-free stainless steel, is also hypoallergenic. The casing is made of ABS, a thermoplastic material that is highly resistant and impact resistant. These are all-terrain watches, made for and with children's regular use and abuse in mind. In addition, they are equipped with an alkaline battery type L1131F, mercury-free and very easy to replace.

Designed in Barcelona, with the tastes and preferences of girls and boys in mind, they can choose from attractive designs with hearts, flowers, dinosaurs, unicorns and the occasional football.
They come in a colourful cardboard box with a little window showing the watch. Perfect for wrapping and giving as a gift for birthdays, Christmas, communion, the start of the school year...


Best Digital Watches

Here are the best digital watches for boys and girls with the best features:

  • Multifunction: Time (12/24 format), Date, Weekday, Stopwatch, Alarm, and Light.
  • Reliable and safe. The back case and buckle are made of stainless steel and are nickel-free. The Polyurethane (PU) belt is flexible and long-lasting. The battery type is L1131F. long-lasting alkaline battery that does not contain mercury and is simple to replace.
  • Waterproof (3 ATM): suitable for daily use, splashes, rain, and handwashing. Avoid pressing buttons when wet. Not suitable for swimming or diving. Do not expose it to high temperatures and humidity.

Purple Digital Flower Watch: Digital Tropical


digital watch boys and girls




Pink Digital Unicorn Watch: Digital Unicorn


digital watch boys and girls



Purple Digital Hearts Watch: Digital Hearts


digital watch boys and girls



Black Digital Football Watch: Digital Football



digital watch boys and girls



Blue Digital Dino Watch: Digital Dino


digital watch boys and girls


Author: Kiddus Team

At Kiddus we take pride in creating high-quality accessories for kids that are both functional and fashionable. Our team is composed of professionals in the children's industry, including designers, engineers, and child development experts. We work together to create innovative and safe products that meet the needs of both children and parents. With years of experience and a passion for quality, we strive to exceed expectations and bring joy to families around the world.

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