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Fabulous Kids Watches Girls: Glitter, Shine and Learning

Fabulous Kids Watches Girls: Glitter, Shine and Learning

For little princesses who want to learn to tell the time with a watch full of glitter and their favourite motifs: hearts, winged ponies, mermaids, dolphins, teddy bears and unicorn watches.

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Every year Kiddus designs new watches with children's favourite motifs. The Fabulous watch collection is designed for all those little girls who love the world of princesses with pink, lilac or turquoise colours as protagonists and layers of glitter on the strap and dial. Delicate in appearance but very resistant to knocks and scratches. A functional and educational watch; elegant and attractive at a very affordable price. Under 20€.

Kiddus Watch System

Kiddus Fabulous watches are based on our classic Time Teacher watches. They are analogue watches, with their three hands, wristwatches. Designed for the little ones at home to learn to read and tell the time in a quick and fun way. The numbers are large to make them easier to read and to help them identify the time visually. They will learn how an analogue watch works in just a few days.
The clock comes in a nice little transparent plastic box ideal as a gift. It contains a worksheet so that children can start practising with the different positions of the hands and the corresponding times of the day.

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Quality of Watches

Kiddus watches are made of high quality materials. The strap is made of rubber and has 8 holes to fit wrists from 12 to 18 cm. The 27mm diameter dial is designed for princess wrists. The case is hypoallergenic, made of stainless steel and nickel free. A long-life Japanese battery is housed inside. The battery type (SR626SW) is common and replacement is very easy when it reaches the end of its life. Water resistant to splashing or rain. It is recommended to store the watch in its case before going to the swimming pool or shower.
Without screens. No electronics. An educational watch for children to know what time it is without the need to look at a mobile phone or any other electronic device.

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Author: Kiddus Team

At Kiddus we take pride in creating high-quality accessories for kids that are both functional and fashionable. Our team is composed of professionals in the children's industry, including designers, engineers, and child development experts. We work together to create innovative and safe products that meet the needs of both children and parents. With years of experience and a passion for quality, we strive to exceed expectations and bring joy to families around the world.

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