Children's Pirate Party: 16+ Original Ideas 2024

Children's Pirate Party: 16+ Original Ideas 2024

Children's Pirate Party: 16+ Original Ideas 2024

Theme parties continue to captivate the imagination of the little ones, and what better way to celebrate than with an event inspired by the intrepid and daring pirates. From decorations to games and activities, there is a wide variety of options and creative ideas that would make any party an unforgettable experience for all young privateers. In the next post we will give you decoration options so that you can get inspired and give your little one the best birthday.

Pirate birthday invitations

The excitement starts from the moment the birthday invitations are sent. To create the right atmosphere from the beginning, such invitations should reflect the theme of the party and spark the imagination of the guests. We leave you some options:

Treasure maps

Send guests an authentic treasure map, burned around the edges and marked with an “X” indicating the location of the party. Use aged brown paper and draw lines with black ink to simulate the roads on the map.

Messenger bottles

Roll paper rolls with party details and place them inside clear plastic bottles. Add some sand and small shells to give it a more pirate touch.

Pirate cards

Create invitations in the shape of pirate cards, complete with torn edges and ink stains. Includes a pirate greeting and details such as the date, time and location of the party, as well as a secret code to unlock the treasure of fun.

Patches and swords

Send out invitations with little eye patches and toy swords attached. Invite boys and girls to dress like real pirates and come prepared for adventure.

Pirate party decoration ideas

Decoration is key to creating the right atmosphere in this type of celebration, transporting all the little ones to a world full of adventures on the high seas and hidden treasures. You can decorate like this:


Jolly Roger Flag

Have the Jolly Roger Flag fly proudly at the party entrance to welcome you. You can make a flag with black fabric and a hand-painted white skull, or even print one and attach it to a flagpole.

Treasure chests

Place treasure chests all over the place, filled with chocolate coins, shiny plastic jewelry, and other treasures. To achieve this, get wooden chests from craft stores and decorate them with chains, padlocks and drawings of skulls.

Fishing nets and anchors

Hang fishing nets on the walls and hang plastic anchors at different points in the room to add an authentic touch of marine atmosphere.


Turn a long table into a pirate ship with a little creativity. Place a long board in the center and add wooden barrels, fake cannons made from cardboard tubes, and even a makeshift candle from a sheet and a stick.

Skull and swords balloons

Fill the room with black balloons with white skulls and red balloons with drawn swords.

Signaling signs

Create wooden signs with directions to emblematic places of pirate life, such as “Turtle Harbor”, “Treasure Island” or “Captain's Tavern”.

Children's pirate pinatas

What would a Pirate Party be without an exciting piñata full of treasures and surprises? Piñatas are an essential element in any children's celebration, and at a pirate party, they can become the highlight of the fun. We give you these birthday arrangements ideas:

Pirate Ship

Create a pirate ship pinata with cardboard, paper mache, or even using a large decorated box. Add details like a sail, rudder, and skull to the bow for an authentic look.

Treasure chest

What could be more exciting than hitting a treasure chest and releasing a bunch of candy and goodies? Make a piñata in the shape of a treasure chest and fill it with sweets and treats.

Skull and crossbones

A piñata in the shape of a skull and crossbones is a classic and terrifying option that little pirates will surely love. To give it a more worn look, use crepe paper.

Eye patch

Surprise boys and girls with a piñata in the shape of a pirate's eye patch.


A piñata in the shape of a pirate sword is perfect for little sea warriors. You can make it with cardboard or cardboard and decorate it with brightly colored paper.

Pirate children's party cakes

Cake is the favorite part of many, both adults and children, it is the perfect way to end a celebration. If the party is about pirates, the cake cannot be different, some options are:

  • Pirate Ship Cake: Surprise guests with a cake in the shape of a pirate ship sailing in a sea of blue frosting. You can decorate the ship with pirate flags, chocolate cannons and even a mini skull on the bow.
  • Treasure Island: Create a treasure island-shaped cake, with lots of golden treasures scattered around.
  • Pirate skull: For a more themed option, opt for a cake in the shape of a pirate skull. Decorate it with black and white icing to simulate bones and add details like an eye patch and a straw hat.
  • Treasure Map: Why not turn your cake into an edible treasure map? Use fondant to create a detailed map on top of the cake, marking the location of the treasure with a candy “X.”

Children's pirate sweet table

Just as the cake is pirates, the candy table has to be, but how do you turn a candy table into a pirate candy table? Our recommendations are these:

  • Skull and Crossbones Cookies: Make cookies in the shape of skulls and decorate them with white icing to simulate crossbones.
  • Treasure Truffles: Prepare chocolate truffles and cover them with edible gold dust to turn them into real treasures. You can present them in cardboard boxes decorated as chests to add an extra touch of charm.
  • Banana Boats: Create little banana boats by placing half a banana on a tray and adding a candle made from a birthday candle and a sheet of paper.
  • Pirate Popcakes: Decorate popcakes with black icing and add details like eye patches, pirate hats and swords. These pirate-shaped treats will be a sure hit.
  • Chocolate Treasures: Place chocolate coins and candy jewels in decorative containers to simulate treasure.
  • Table: Cover the table in black and add touches of red and white. You can also place flags with pirate symbols.

Children's pirate craft ideas

Crafts are a great way to involve boys and girls in preparing for a party or to do during the party itself, allowing them to explore their creativity. Here we present some pirate craft ideas that all the little ones will surely love:


Provides materials such as felt, EVA foam, elastics and glue for boys and girls to create their own patches. Let them decorate their patches with sequins, buttons and other embellishments to give them a personalized touch.

Pirate hats

Use black construction paper, scissors, and glue to help them create their own hats. Add details like skulls, crossbones and feathers to make them feel like real privateers.

Pearls necklases

Give them plastic beads and elastic string to make their own pirate pearl necklaces. They can mix white beads with colored beads to create unique and whimsical designs.

Pirate beards

For little ones who dream of being bearded pirates, provide cotton, foam, and glue so they can create their own pirate beards. They're sure to have a lot of fun putting them on and adopting their new pirate identity!

Paper boats

Teach them how to make paper boats and then let them decorate them with pirate flags, skulls and other symbols. They can organize boat races in an inflatable pool to add an element of competition.

Tips for holding a children's pirate party

Organizing a children's party should be more exciting than tedious. Although it takes a lot of work, the ideal is to organize, do it in time and enjoy the process. To achieve this, we leave you the following tips:

Early planning

Start planning the party well in advance to ensure you have time to organize all the details. Decide on the venue, date, and guest list in advance.


Write down a list of things you need to buy so you can do it little by little and don't have to go out at the last minute because you can't find something or it won't work for you.

Pirate activities

Plan a variety of themed games for kids party and activities, such as treasure hunts, sack races, ring tosses, and making paper boats. Make sure you have prizes and rewards for the winners.

Pirate clothing

Encourage boys and girls to come dressed as real pirates. Provide accessories like eye patches, pirate hats, toy swords, and bandanas to fully immerse them in the theme.

Safety at the party

Closely supervise children at all times to ensure their safety, especially during physical activities or games. Keep any food allergies in mind and be sure to offer safe options for all guests.

Capture the moments

Don't forget to capture all the special moments of the party with photographs. Ask parents to share their photos too for a complete collection of memories.


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In conclusion, these types of parties are a perfect opportunity for the little ones to embark on a journey full of fun, creativity and camaraderie. From the decorations to the games and activities, every aspect of this themed party offers the possibility of stimulating the imagination and fostering the spirit of adventure in boys and girls. Save this post or write down the ideas you liked so you don't forget anything.

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