10 Best Interactive Stories for Children 2024

10 Best Interactive Stories for Children 2024

10 Best Interactive Stories for Children 2024

Reading stories to children is a classic activity that has been around for generations. Now, in the digital age in which we live, the education and entertainment of children has undergone a considerable transformation and interactive kids stories have emerged. These innovative tools combine the magic of traditional storytelling with modern technology, offering younger readers an immersive and participatory experience. If you want to learn addition more about interactive stories, their benefits and how to choose the right ones for your children, keep reading.

What are interactive stories?


Interactive stories are literary works designed for the enjoyment of children, mainly in primary school, through online reading. These creations offer an immersive, multi-sensory experience by engaging sight, touch and sound, often simultaneously.

Benefits of interactive children's stories

Interactive children's stories have managed to transform the way children relate to literature. In contrast to traditional books, these new digital forms offer a more dynamic and attractive experience, loaded with elements that stimulate both imagination and learning. Other benefits of interactive stories are:

Active and personalized participation

These stories do not limit children to being simple spectators, but rather make them active protagonists of the narrative. Every action, decision and choice they make influences the development of the story, allowing them to take control and live a completely personalized experience. This active participation increases their motivation and commitment to reading, making it a more memorable activity for them.

Stimulation of creativity and imagination

Interactive stories offer a vast field of possibilities for children to explore and express their creativity. Through games, activities or integrated drawing tools, they can give free rein to their imagination, creating their own characters, scenarios and even stories. This freedom to explore and express yourself fosters your ability to think outside the box and develop new ideas.

Development of cognitive and social skills

They are a valuable tool for the cognitive and social development of children. Integrated activities and fun board games for kids help strengthen skills such as attention, memory, logic, problem solving and decision making. Additionally, many of these stories are designed to teach fundamental values such as friendship, cooperation, empathy, and respect for diversity.

Supporting learning in the classroom

Interactive stories can effectively complement learning in the school environment. By allowing children to playfully experience the concepts learned in class, understanding and retention of information is facilitated. In addition, sometimes these stories address complex or difficult topics in an accessible and attractive way for the little ones.

Promoting inclusion and accessibility

Interactive stories are an inclusive option, with the ability to adapt to the needs and learning styles of all children. Many of them offer accessibility options, such as subtitles, narrations in different languages, or tools to adjust the difficulty of activities, ensuring that all children can enjoy the interactive reading experience.

10 Best Interactive Books for Kids 2024


Now that you know what interactive stories are and what benefits they provide, we want to leave you a series of recommendations:

Interactive baby books

  1. Hello, Baby!: This tactile book is full of textures, flaps and mirrors so babies can explore. They encourage sensory development and emotional connection between parents and children.
  2. Peek-a-Who?: With simple flaps, animals and objects are presented that are hidden behind them.
  3. Bath Stories: These waterproof plastic books are ideal for bath time because they stick to the walls.
  4. Hans's Polar Bear: Lars, a little polar bear, explores the world and meets new friends. The captivating illustrations and simple text are ideal for babies.
  5. Rodl's Farm Animals: Same concept of flaps, babies lift them and discover new things.
  6. Touch the gobbling monsters!: A book full of very different and fun textures, for them to explore by touching.
  7. Tito Bear. Let's go by boat!: Tito Bear is the captain of a boat, the idea is to help him steer the helm and be amazed by the dolphins that cross his path.
  8. The happiest moment: A book that teaches how to collect the small moments of everyday life.
  9. I love you by Amaia Arrazola: A declaration of love full of adorable animals.
  10. My First Book of Rhymes by Jane Cabrera: This book features simple rhymes and colorful illustrations.

Interactive stories 1 year

  1. Fisher-Price Interactive Book: An e-book full of colors and fun images. It contains some rhymes and 6 songs that include classics such as “row, row your little boat”, “the little spider”, “the baker's song” “one, two, catch the ball”.
  2. I Learn and Discover with Peppa Pig: This work will teach you traditional nursery rhymes and fun guaranteed storytelling as you turn each page.
  3. To bed!: A very interactive book that seeks to teach the little ones the bedtime routine.
  4. Playtales: This is a collection of children's stories to encourage the habit of reading.
  5. Trip & Troop: A simple and interactive book that tells the adventures of a group of friends.
  6. KidsKioke: Interactively teaches children popular and classic songs.
  7. Educapeques: A book full of fun and interactive activities.
  8. Click, Click, Click, interactive stories: It is an interactive option to develop learning through reading.
  9. Bianfa Stories: A collection of interactive and educational stories.
  10. El Pollo Pepe: Tells the story of a chicken named Pepe in an interactive format.

Interactive books for children ages 3 to 5

  1. “Where's Spot?”: This classic book features an adorable puppy named Spot. Kids will love lifting the flaps to find Spot hidden in different places around the house.
  2. “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”: This colorful, tactile book follows the journey of a caterpillar as it eats its way through a variety of foods. Kids will love following the holes in the pages and feeling the texture of the food.
  3. “The book of emotions”: This work helps children learn about different emotions, such as happiness, sadness, anger and fear.
  4. “10 little fingers and 10 little feet”: A fun and easy way to count on your fingers.
  5. “Let's go fishing!”: It is a book that allows children to create their own fish.
  6. “The Little Brown Bunny”: The little ones will be delighted to help the bunny find his way back home.
  7. “The Old Lady's House”: This book is a typical pop-up that takes children on a tour of an old lady's house.
  8. “Goodnight Moon”: A bedtime classic that helps children relax and prepare for sleep.
  9. “My First Sticker Book: Animals”: A sticker book for young children who are learning about animals.
  10. “The Book of Nature Sounds”: A book featuring a variety of nature sounds. Kids will love pressing the buttons to hear the sounds of different animals, vehicles and objects.

Tips for choosing interactive children's stories


When it comes to choosing the best book for our little ones, we can feel a little overwhelmed. The reality is that there is no ideal and perfect story or stories. The idea behind all this is to teach them about the habit of reading, learning and encouraging their development. Take advantage of these moments to create connection time. Dedicate a part of your home or create a special space such as a kids tent castle of  Kiddus, an armchair or even a rug to dedicate to those story moments. You will be creating memories that will remain marked in your child's memory.

But, in any case, we want to leave you some simple tips for choosing interactive stories:

Age and development

It is crucial to consider the child's age and developmental level when selecting interactive stories. Younger children need simple stories with basic interactions, while older children enjoy more complex plots and challenging activities.

Variety of themes and genres

Look for stories that address a variety of themes and genres. Children enjoy diversity.

Meaningful interactivity

Make sure the stories are truly interactive. Look for those that offer activities like tapping items, dragging objects, or solving puzzles. Interactions must be relevant to the plot.

Security and privacy

Prioritize the child's safety and privacy when selecting interactive stories. Look for apps and platforms that have robust security measures to protect your child's personal information and that offer a safe environment free of inappropriate content.

Quality of illustrations

Images are essential in stories, opt for those with colorful and attractive illustrations that stimulate your imagination.

Narration and audio

Loud narration and sound effects make the experience more immersive.

Values and teachings

Choose stories that convey positive values and important teachings, that encourage empathy, kindness and conflict resolution.

Educational value

Opt for interactive stories that not only entertain, but also have significant educational value. Let them talk about diversity, inclusion, the value of education, science, etc.

Replay value

Stories that offer multiple paths or alternative endings motivate children to re-explore them again and again.

Compatibility and accessibility

Check the compatibility of the interactive stories with the devices you have available, as well as their accessibility for children with special needs.

Opinions and recommendations

Research the opinions and recommendations of other parents, educators, and child development experts. Shared experiences offer valuable information about the quality and appropriateness of interactive stories for your child.


In conclusion, interactive stories represent much more than just stories, they are portals to imaginary worlds where children can explore, learn and daydream. The next time you are buying books or games for your child, remember that these types of stories are an excellent option.

Author: Kiddus Team

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