How to make soap bubbles step by step?

How to make soap bubbles step by step?

How to make soap bubbles step by step?

Soap bubbles are guaranteed fun not only for children, even adults have a good time when they are in an open space and have the opportunity to play with them. Moreover, these are being used as decoration at the end of grades, birthdays or even weddings (at the exit of the church), they are very original and give a nice touch to the celebration.

However, for some it seems that making them is a great mystery and the truth is simpler than you imagine, so if you want to have fun this summer with something as classic as soap bubbles take note that we teach you how to make them step by step and also give you some ideas for you to enjoy some games and incorporate them into your leisure time.

What are soap bubbles?

Let's start at the beginning, soap bubbles are nothing more than bubbles made with water and soap, which when blown through a wire expand forming a sphere that can float in the air. The bad thing is that these bubbles are very fragile and ephemeral, as they last very little time, since they burst. However, watching them float in the air, playing catch, catching them, even bursting them and admiring their colorful glimpses, can be very entertaining.

Do you want to know how to make soap bubbles? Read carefully and we will tell you.

Make soap bubbles step by step

Prepare the container

Fill the container with water, but not to the brim. Leave enough space to be able to submerge the rod or wire to make bubbles, remember to submerge it well.

Add liquid soap

Add a generous amount of liquid soap to the water, it doesn't matter what soap you use, the important thing is that you get a lot of lather. Optional: Add food coloring: If you want to color your bubbles, add a few drops of food coloring to the soap and water solution. Mix again to distribute the food coloring evenly.

Dip the rod or wire

Take the bubble-making rod or wire and dip it into the soap and water solution. Make sure that the entire surface of the hoop is covered with liquid. And that there is like a small, very thin layer of soap left on that rod.

Blow the bubbles

Lift the rod or wire from the container and gently blow through the ring. You will see the soap bubbles form. Remember to do it gently so they don't burst first.
Have fun! Enjoy the beauty and magic of soap bubbles. Also, remember that you can build games and activities around them. If you don't know which ones, here are some ideas.

5 Games to have fun with soap bubbles

Size competition

It's very easy, the one who makes the biggest or the smallest bubble of all wins. You can compete with your family and friends. It is simple and fun.

Juggling bubbles

Try (and encourage your guests to try) to perform tricks with the bubbles, throw them in the air, catch them without breaking them, try to make figures with them without bursting them, see how many colors or what colors they give you when the sunlight hits them, in short.

Race of bubbles

Go running and blowing a bubble, the idea is that the winner is the one who arrives first, but also the one who does not break the bubble, if he breaks it must start the race again. Are you up for it? You could also try doing a relay race, one goes fast making a bubble or blowing it to a point where he meets a friend, from there he makes another bubble and goes to another base. The winner is the team that does it in the shortest time and keeps the whole bubble (without exploding).

Don't break it

You can compete to see who can hold the whole bubble the longest, try to displace it by blowing it gently, but in any case avoid exploding it.
The one who explodes the most bubbles: You can play the one who explodes the most bubbles and in the shortest time, of course, someone will have to count them, it will surely be fun for a long time.

Is it possible to make soap bubbles without glycerin? 

Of course, as we mentioned, you can make soap bubbles without glycerin, what you should keep in mind is that they may not be as resistant. Anyway, keep in mind the following mixture to improve their resistance, even without glycerin: mix one cup of water for half a cup of detergent or liquid dishwashing soap, the brand does not matter, but we recommend you to avoid creamy soaps, you should use transparent soaps that work much better.

If you choose to make soap bubbles with glycerin, add this component to the soap solution. Mix q cup of warm water with three quarts of liquid soap, one teaspoon of glycerin and two tablespoons of sugar. Dissolve well and let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes and you are ready to make bubbles with this mixture!

Another interesting fact is that there is a trick to make giant soap bubbles. So if you want to try it what you should do is to take two straws and cross them with a wire thread, then tie each of the two ends, forming a pompero or blower, try to move it quickly when you put it in the water, you will see how the bubbles are a little elongated, but also much larger.

If you want to make more resistant bubbles, try this:

  • Mix gelatin (about 4 tablespoons), water (three quarters of a cup and lukewarm) and soap.
  • Let the mixture stand (at least 15 to 20 minutes).
  • Try to keep the water lukewarm

At what age can children play with soap bubbles?

Children can play with soap bubbles without any problem from a very young age, but what is important is that they are always supervised, that is to say, that they are always under adult supervision, to prevent them from swallowing some soap by mistake.

What precautions should be taken when playing with soap bubbles?

  • Be clear about the soap you are going to use if you are going to try it at home, remember to always be aware of the child. Make sure he/she does not ingest the liquid or touch it.
  • Do not use a soap that you do not know or that does not have a label, it can be dangerous for children. Make sure it has basic principles that are tolerable for everyone.
  • If you choose to buy a pompero, avoid including candy or anything edible, as it can be contaminated by the soap. (Many include them as a 'bonus').
  • Prevent children from blowing so close that they can ingest the soap, as any soap can cause damage and intoxication, so try to keep them hygienic when using it.
  • Wash your hands once you use the mixture to make bubbles, children should also do it. What was already mentioned about hygiene: handle the pompero and the soap, but wash your hands every time you use it.
  • Do not save liquid for later, use the liquid you prepare and discard the leftover.
  • Avoid making bubbles with very strong soaps or soaps with very strong chemicals that may affect the safety and health of those who use them, especially the little ones.
  • Conclusion

    Traditional soap bubbles are great fun and you can enjoy them in different activities and celebrations, they are very easy to make, but you must take good care of the soap you use to avoid that the little ones can ingest it or hurt them when the bubbles explode. Try to make different games and take advantage of a summer afternoon with this simple and fun activity!.

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