How to decorate with balloons? Best 25 ideas 2023 children

How to decorate with balloons? Best 25 ideas 2024 children

How to decorate with balloons? Best 25 ideas 2024 children

Decorating with balloons has always been an option in celebrations of any kind, because you can make it fun, glamorous and you can even customize it as you want. If you want more reasons to decorate with balloons here we give them to you.

Why should you decorate with balloons?

In addition to what we already told you, you should include balloons in your decorations because these besides being beautiful and elegant, are very versatile and allow you to accompany any celebration and you can also make different figures or types of decorations.  Here are some ideas that can work for you, besides being simple and suitable for a children's celebration:

Balloon arch

Create a balloon arch to welcome guests at the entrance of your event. You can use any colors you want and also different textures or qualities, even fillers or glitter.

Balloon columns

Build balloon columns on the sides of a door or around a dessert table. Use color coordinated balloons to give a festive touch, you can use bright balloons or balloons with a drawing allusive to the celebration. 

Suspended balloons

Hang balloons from the ceiling using ribbons or transparent thread or tape. You can play with the position of these and make them fun.

Balloon garland

Create a garland with inflated balloons and tie them together with string. The only key is to hold it well, so they don't fall off in the middle of the celebration.

Balloon centerpieces

Place inflated balloons in a vase or on a decorative base to create eye-catching centerpieces, play with the size of the balloons and take care to make them of a size that does not cover the guests, either small or very high so that they have a margin to see each other's faces.

Balloon clouds

Inflate white balloons and join them together to create floating clouds. Hang the clouds at different heights to add a touch of fantasy to the decoration. For children's parties you can add an original touch by placing some decoration just below the cloud, it can be a balloon basket or an animated character. You will surprise your guests with the result.

Balloon wall

 Create a decorative wall using inflated balloons. Be careful with the colors you use to give it a more realistic and fun look.

Balloons with confetti

 Fill clear balloons with colorful confetti before blowing them up. These balloons will add a touch of fun and surprise to the decoration. If you want, you can add a mini animated character, taking care that the material does not hurt the balloon.

Balloon sculptures

Hire a balloon sculpture expert or learn how to do it yourself. Remember that they can be very elaborate sculptures or simply animal, plant or geometric figures. Everything will be useful to decorate. Another option is that depending on the age of the kids, hire an instructor to learn how to make figures with balloons, they will surely have fun and do amazing things.

Giant balloons

Use giant balloons to create a visual impact. Take advantage of open spaces to generate original effects with these giant balloons. 

Balloon arrows

Create balloon arrows to guide your guests to different areas of the event, such as the dance floor, buffet or playground. You can combine colors and sizes of balloons.

Balloons with lights

 A great idea is to place LED lights inside transparent balloons to create a luminous effect. Use them as part of the decoration of a night party. You can give each guest one in addition to the ones you use for your decorations, it will be amazing!

Balloon curtains

 Hang balloon curtains on a wall to create a unique photo backdrop. Choose different colored balloons and place them on vertical strands for an eye-catching effect. This will be a great place for your photocall.

Balloons with messages

Write messages or words on inflated balloons with permanent markers. You can even write one word per balloon and thus form a big phrase with many balloons, you can also have the guests put words together while you give them a clue, they will have a fun time.

Themed balloons

 Choose balloons that fit the theme of your event. For example, heart-shaped balloons for romantic decorations, star-shaped balloons for a space party or brightly colored balloons for a cheerful celebration. Remember that there are multiple options with which you can decorate and that are very fashionable, figures of super heroes, stars, animals, in short, a variety of options to make the celebration look great, take amazing pictures and above all have a great time.

Balloon walkways

Create a path of inflated balloons leading to different areas of the event. This is not only used for adult celebrations, making a balloon walkway at a children's party is trendy and looks super cool.

Letters with balloons

Form letters or words using inflated balloons and fix them on the wall. The name of the guest, the word happy birthday, we love you. In short, whatever you want you can 'write' by forming it with balloons.

Balloons with photos

 Print photos and stick them on inflated balloons. This will add a personal and nostalgic touch to the decoration. If your party is themed, you can paste instead of pictures, drawings or details that have to do with the celebration.

Personalized balloons

 Another alternative is to print logos, names, designs, or phrases, all of which will give it a very original touch.

Balloons in the pool

If you are organizing a pool party, place floating balloons in the water to give it a colorful and fun touch. Here you can also add balloons in different shapes. Electric colors look great, try them!

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Balloon bouquets

Create inflated balloon bouquets and tie them to a base or weight. You can decorate different spaces with these bouquets look great and help you to personalize spaces.

Balloon launch

 You can organize a final act in the event, where they write a message and launch the balloons into the sky, but remember that there are ecological balloons, which are not polluting and are environmentally friendly.

Decorated ceilings

 They are a nice option, hang balloons on the ceiling at different heights and colors to create a decorated and festive ceiling effect, remember that you can hang some detail between the ceiling to make it even more original.

Balloon trees

If you are in an outdoor space, this option is quite original and beautiful: assemble tree-shaped structures using balloons and place them in those open spaces or gardens. This will help you create a festive atmosphere and very convenient for outdoors.

Balloon dart game

 This is an excellent option for fun: hang a number of balloons on the wall (all inflated obviously) and provide guests with Velcro-tipped darts. You can invite attendees to throw the darts and pop the balloons. Even if you are outdoors you can try filling them with water, it will be like a mini battle that will make them have a very entertaining time.

And speaking of water, an additional idea is precisely a balloon war, in an open space fill the balloons and they can play to launch and explode them. You must be careful to use medium balloons and to adapt the place so they can run and throw the balloons without getting hurt.

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 Decorating with balloons is never a bad option, on the contrary, there are many alternatives that are very interesting, simple and beautiful. Besides, you can add your personal touch, which will make the celebration unique. What are you waiting for? Take note and get to work, take some great pictures and enjoy your party.

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