25 healthy dinners for kids 2023

25 healthy dinners for kids 2024

25 healthy dinners for kids 2024

Without a doubt, one of the children's topics that causes the most interest and concern is what has to do with food. That children eat on time, that what they consume is healthy, easy to prepare, but that they also like it, that is the great challenge!

If you think it is impossible or unlikely, you are wrong! Here we give you 25 healthy dinner ideas, so that your children can enjoy it, but also eat well.

Remember that combining foods, giving them the appropriate portions and filling their dishes with flavor and color are key for them to understand the importance of eating well, and all of this will be reflected in their growth and healthy development because if a child is healthy, he or she can have a lot of energy to carry out activities such as:  best games outdoor and  best board games , You can also read short stories and much more.

Take note and try one of these dinners:

Grilled chicken breast with vegetables


Super simple and rich in nutrients. Before putting the chicken on the grill you can season it a little with salt, or season it with thyme or parsley. You can also add a little barbecue sauce to give it flavor.

As for the vegetables, you can steam them and add a little salt or if you want a little mayonnaise.

Spaghetti with tomato sauce and meatballs


They are very simple to make: cook the spaghetti, when they are ready, set them aside. Prepare a tomato sauce by sautéing onion, tomato, garlic and basil. Add cooked meatballs to that mixture and add the pasta. You can add cheese at the end.

Homemade pizza


You can get the pizza dough ready, add tomato paste, basil, a little mozzarella cheese and then the ingredients you want, vegetables, ham, chorizo, corn, whatever you like the most!

Baked salmon with mashed potatoes and broccoli

Bake everything together, salmon, potatoes, broccoli, you can season it with garlic powder, peppers or onion. In a few minutes you will have a balanced and delicious dinner.

 Zucchini puree

It is very simple to prepare, zucchini, leek, white onion, potato, water, olive oil, salt and pepper.

Sauté the leek and onion, then add the zucchini and potato. Once everything is poached, add a little water, salt and pepper, until everything is cooked.

Once it is ready, blend everything and adjust the salt. That's it!

Avocado Chicken Tacos

Fill one or two flour cakes with chopped chicken (can be cooked or grilled), then add avocado, tomato and onion. You will have a super fast and delicious dinner.

Tomato and avocado toast

With a slice of toasted bread you can make a very delicious and varied dinner. One option is to add tomato and avocado, another ham or cheese, or tomato and ham. Your children will love any alternative

Caesar salad with grilled chicken


A nutritious salad that has its key in the sauce, add the vegetables you want and accompany it with a grilled chicken fillet (you can also cut the chicken into pieces and add it directly to the salad).

Spring rolls

Sauté peppers, carrots, onion and tomato, add soy and a splash of ginger, then fill the roll dough and fry. Reserve them and serve them accompanied by the sauce you like.

Turkey and avocado sandwich

Take two slices of bread, turkey ham to taste and slices of avocado, add onion, lettuce, tomato, and if you want a little cheese. You can serve it hot or cold.

Vegetable lasagna

You can add any vegetables you want, with this nutritious and delicious lasagna, and instead of pasta you can make zucchini slices, it is delicious.

Chicken curry with brown rice

You can add vegetables and a little soy sauce to brown rice. Season the chicken with a little curry and grill it. Add peas and carrots if you want.

Salad with chickpeas and avocado

To the already cooked chickpeas, add chopped avocado, tomato, a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Accompany it with bread and that's it.

Lentil and vegetable soup

Sauté a little onion and tomato, add salt and pepper, then the vegetables of your choice, the lentils and the water to cook them. Leave them until they are soft. You can add tomato paste or a little potato pieces.

Quesadillas with avocado

Put two slices of warm mozzarella cheese on a flour tortilla and then add pieces of avocado, it is spectacular and very nutritious.

Burger with baked potatoes

The traditional hamburger, but baked, accompanied by potatoes seasoned with garlic and parsley.

Beef, onion and pepper fajitas

Put a beef fillet on the grill and then cut it into strips, add salt, onion, peppers and a little soy sauce. When it is done, fill the flour tortillas.

Ham and cheese sandwich

The typical traditional sandwich, you can eat it hot or cold.

Orange chicken

Cut the chicken into strips, grill it with orange to taste, but enough for it to cook. Add a few drops of black sauce and salt and pepper to your liking.

Pumpkin soup with chicken


Chop the pumpkin, a little onion and potato, put everything on the heat and add a little water. When the vegetables are soft, put them through a processor, adjust the salt and cook for a while. Once it is ready, add some shredded chicken or pieces of toasted bread.

Beef with vegetables

Just as you prepared the fajitas (striped meat, onion, peppers, everything sautéed in olive oil), but this time you can add a little fried tomato and accompany it with rice.

Pasta with tuna

Cook the pasta of your choice, add a little mayonnaise, chopped tomato, finely chopped onion and tuna. Salt pepper. In just a few minutes you will have a healthy and delicious dinner.

Chicken sandwich with mustard

Cook the chicken, shred it and then mix it with a little mayonnaise and mustard, fill the bread with this, you can add lettuce and tomato.

Tomato soup with toast

Process several tomatoes to taste, add a little olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper. Add water to your liking. When it is ready you can add a little cooking cream or toast squares. This is an ideal winter dinner.

Salad with tuna

Add celery, lettuce, lime, onion, tuna and mayonnaise, salt to taste and corn. You will have a delicious and easy salad. Also if you prefer, it is a good sandwich filling, you can even use it mixing it with pasta, as a cold salad version. Do you dare to try it?

These ideas will surely make dinner time with your children easier. We encourage you to make your own version, using the ingredients that you like the most or that you see are liked by your little one.

Remember that the main thing is that they are fresh foods and that they provide your son or daughter with what they need to grow healthy and strong.

Make them! With how easy it is, you will surely want to try them all, so don't wait and let your creativity fly while you enjoy these simple and delicious dishes

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