Best 20 Water Games for Kids 2023

Best 20 Water Games for Kids 2024

Best 20 Water Games for Kids 2024

Playing in the water is a fun and almost inevitable alternative on children's rest days, especially if it is the summer season, as it not only helps keep them cool, but also to get some exercise and promote their physical development. , emotional and social, by being able to interact with other children. We tell you which are the best water games for your little ones in the remainder of the year . Take note and get ready for fun.

What are water games?

The first thing that you must be clear about is that water games are activities whose main objective is for children to stay active while doing some fun water activity. These can range from splashes or a water fight with balloons, to more elaborate ones that require specific accessories such as fins, masks or balls. The most important thing is that the children explore the water, while having a good time and socializing.

Benefits of water games for children

The water itself is therapeutic, therefore, the mere contact generates different sensations of well-being and benefits that can be used by the little ones. Some of them are:

Physical development

This type of game encourages movement and therefore improves the strength and coordination of children. So, swimming, jumping and dancing in the water (for example) are positive for this development.


As we already mentioned, socialization is another benefit of water games, as children can interact with others and learn to communicate better.

Sensory stimulation

Water provides very positive experiences in children, since they can feel it better, that is, they can perceive its sound, its smell and also its texture.

Emotional development

Help children overcome their fears. Games with water usually generate self-confidence and security.

Reduce stress

Playing or manipulating water can be very relaxing, children can release tension, rest and recharge batteries, especially when they lack attention in certain activities.

Top 20 water games for children

What if you take advantage of the rest of the summer by trying one of these 20 water games for children, surely one of these will become a family favorite:

Balloon war

Very popular, without a doubt a classic and as simple as throwing water balloons at each other. The one who is driest is the one who wins.

Learn how how to organize ballons water to avoid punctures and to make the most of the water


If the children already know how to swim, they can play swimming competition in different styles, it will surely bring out their most competitive side.

Treasure hunt

Hide objects in different parts of the pool, you can create a list of items to look for and then give clues as to where they may be. The idea is that children can dive looking for them (obviously it is for children who know how to swim).

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Ring Fight

The idea is for the kids to be in the pool on a ring and stay on it while another person tries to unbalance them. In the end, the one who stays on the float wins.

Obstacle course

You can make a simple floating obstacle course in the pool, for this you can use tables, balloons, floats, rings and other fun and non-dangerous elements so that children can pass over them or close to them without getting hurt. damage, the idea is that they do not fall.

Balloon race

Here the children must transport a balloon filled with water while they run, they can do it with a spoon or on their heads. The idea is to reach the goal without the balloon falling or breaking.

Water volleyball

It's very simple, just install a net in the pool and that's it Let the game begin!

Cups of water race

In an outdoor space, each child must carry a glass full of water on his head (obviously plastic glass) the idea is to reach a goal or take over with another partner, without the glass from falling off and losing as little water as possible. The one who at the end of the time has the most water and reaches the goal wins.

Giant bubbles

Prepare a solution with soap and water to make giant bubbles, it will be a fun afternoon guaranteed.

If you do not know how to blow bubbles with soap click on the link

Water painting

Let the children make art with water paints, provide brushes of different sizes and let them paint it in their own way using water and paint.

Throw sponges

In pairs or teams, fill different sponges with water, each team must throw them at their opponent. It will be a fun war!

Duck Splashes

A variation on the game 'duck duck goose', but instead of touching someone's head, the chosen child must splash water.

Ring Toss

Place several floating rings in the water, then challenge the children to throw smaller rings between them. Whoever manages to do the most wins.

The big dip

You can play that the children dive into the pool in search of treasures, the one who collects the most treasures in a single dive wins.

Bucket Race

The idea is that the children fill a bucket with water using only a very small cup, the first one to fill it wins.

Water Basketball

Set up a basket in the pool and play a game from there.

Aquatic dance

Prepare your best choreography and get ready to do it in the water, it will be fun and you will get a lot of exercise next to your little ones.

Thumb wrestling

Children compete in the water in the traditional thumb wrestle.

Catch the balloon and dance

Fill balloons with water and the children must catch them without breaking them, then they must dance a song with the balloon in their hand, preventing it from falling or bursting. The one with the balloon intact wins.

Water Slide

Create a water slide in the garden using tarp and soapy water, the children will spend afternoons of laughter sliding down there.

Safety and protection tips

The above ideas will make you have fun and unforgettable moments, however, the most important thing is that all these games take place in a safe environment, so we bring you these tips that are worth keeping in mind:


Whichever game you choose, remember that it must be supervised by a responsible adult, children should never be alone, much less in a pool, even if they know how to swim.

Sun protection

Since all these activities are done outdoors, it is vital that you use sunscreen, so that you do not have irritations on your skin.

If your child is still a baby, I recommend reading: sun protection for babies


Children should stay hydrated at all times, minimize sugary drinks and give them water.


It is necessary that you establish clear limits in each game, so that not everything is worth it and above all the safety of the little ones is preserved.

Appropriate depth

Water games should not be carried out in a place where the child feels insecure, or when they are pool activities, in one that the child is not able to reach.


If you want to have a good time with your children, these options for playing in the water are super fun and beneficial for them, try one and you will see how they will have a good time. The most important thing is that you are with them explaining each activity, surely you will enjoy it as much as they do!

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