Cooperative games for children and teenagers: 10+ideas for teamwork

Cooperative games for children and teenagers: 10+ideas for teamwork

Cooperative games for children and teenagers: 10+ideas for teamwork

Are you looking for an alternative to teach children and young people the importance of teamwork and the sense of common effort? Then this article is for you.

There is an option that suits you like a glove and that is to use cooperative games, did you know? Well, you read correctly, cooperative games allow you to learn to work in a group in order to achieve a common goal, putting the focus , not in competition with each other, but in collaboration.

If you want to know what it is about, we will tell you here, so take note.

What is a cooperative game?

The first thing you should know is what a cooperative game is. The explanation is simple, a cooperative game is in which the participants work together to achieve a goal, achieving a group victory or triumph. In this type of games, trust and collaboration predominate.

What do cooperative games do?

Cooperative games ensure that there is a positive interaction between the participants and that they focus on enjoying the game, instead of focusing only on winning or competing. The idea is to reinforce cooperation, empathy and support, in a fun way, trying to understand the needs of others.

Features of cooperative games

There are several specific aspects that stand out in cooperative games, the most important of which are:

Joint goal

All players are in sync to achieve a specific objective, that is, they all work in the same direction, seeking the same objective.


All players must collaborate and work thinking as a team, that is, thinking about their teammates to achieve success.

Good communication

To carry out any cooperative game, it is necessary to learn to communicate, so that you can coordinate, lead and synchronize a team .


In cooperative games, all players have a role that deserves to be recognized and respected. There is no role that is more valuable than the other, but rather they are all pieces that allow the team to move forward.

Group achievement

A group achievement is winning the game, just as a way to learn and improve is to lose. By working together there is always an opportunity for improvement.

10 cooperative games, examples

Human tower

This is a very popular game, here the participants stack on top of each other without falling, the idea is to achieve a high tower (without anyone getting hurt) formed with the team's bodies. The one who makes it the best and highest wins.

Balloon launch

It is usually played with two balloons and two teams. The idea is to float the balloons, passing them from hand to hand (throwing them up) without them falling to the ground. The team that drops the balloons the fewest times and maintains control of them most of the time wins.

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Sack race

In this game the participants go together towards the goal as quickly as they can, the curious thing is that they go inside a sack. The team that arrives first wins.

Guess who

Although it is a popular board game, it can be played with just verbal descriptions. That is, two teams are formed and each one thinks of a character and gives clues for their opponents to guess. The team that gets the most characters right wins.

Circle of trust

In this one player stands in the middle of a circle and lets himself fall, the others must hold him so that he does not fall. The team that does it the fastest and best wins.

Guess word

It is played in two groups and the idea is for the players to discover a secret word proposed by the opposing team.

The knot

It's about tying a human knot, how to do it? The participants must intertwine their bodies without letting go, trying to move from one side to the other. The one who does it best wins, that is, the one who goes the furthest without letting go.

The rescue

It is about simulating a case in which the companions must join forces to rescue one of the members of the group, going through a series of obstacles.


The team that assembles the puzzle first wins. Traditional, but fun.

Relay race

In groups, invent a relay race, in which they go through different obstacles, the one who finishes the circuit first wins.

Recommended ages for cooperative games

There is no age for cooperation games, these can be started from the earliest years and until adulthood, depending on the abilities of the participants, the important thing is that the game adapts its level of complexity according to age.

For younger children the games should be simple, short and easy to understand, while for young people it can be more dynamic.

Remember that these types of games are interesting because they help them manage situations better, for example, the little ones can learn to have better control of time (if they don't know the time yet, you can give them a educational clock , this will help you with learning)

time teacher watch

Other cooperative games for teenagers: More ideas!

In addition to the 10 key games that we already gave you, there are others family entertainment ideas that can inspire you to help your children get into the good vibes of collaborative work:


The challenge is for the participants to build a specific structure. Everyone must agree to determine how to do it and do it quickly and in an organized manner.


You must ensure that different survival challenges are generated through a simulated environment, which above all involve agility and dexterity. How about you include in this game a game store  by Kiddusthat allows them to be princes or princesses and create their own story. They will love it!

Group getaway

It is played by teams, each one must solve tests and puzzles to be able to escape from a certain space, with a limited time. The team that first vacates the space in its entirety wins.

Treasure hunter

The groups must find a hidden treasure, using clues.

Tells a story

One participant per team must begin by narrating a story, while another person from another team must dramatize and continue. The one who does it the most fluently wins.

Benefits of cooperative games in children

As has been mentioned, cooperative games bring several benefits that are worth knowing. These are some:

Improved self-esteem

It makes the participant feel valuable and a fundamental piece for the development of something.


By working as a team, you share and that is very positive for social development.

Ease of learning

This type of games facilitates healthy interaction and, in turn, learning, with simple, but everyday activities and graphomotor activities

Strengthens teamwork

Awakening empathy for the other.

Tips for playing cooperative games with children

There are some practical tips so that these games are used by children:

Adapt them to the age

Remember that these games are suitable for everyone, but they must be adjusted to the age so that they are understood and used.

Promotes communication

Explain the game well, don't assume that everyone understands it.

Set rules and make sure they are clear to everyone

Enjoy the journey, not just the result, that is, not just the winning or losing, but the process.


Play will always be a good learning tool, so try one of these to encourage not only fun and creativity, but also working together. Remember that learning to work as a team is key to the academic, social and professional life of your child, whether they are small or adolescent. So let's get to work and play!

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