Top 20 family activities 2023

Top 20 family activities 2024

Top 20 family activities 2024

Sharing time as a family is one of the foundations of a good relationship, feeling valued, loved and getting to know each of its members better is one of the results of spending time and doing activities together.

It has been proven that families that spend time together are more united, listen to each other more and understand each other better, so spending time together is a treasure that should be valued and cultivated whenever there is the possibility to do so.

Importance of family activities

As we have already mentioned, family activities are vital to improve good relations within the family, to get to know each other better, to try to understand each other and to enjoy spaces that are usually scarce, helping the relationship to strengthen and flow in a better way.

There are multiple activities you can do with your family, just keep in mind that with a little creativity you can have fun and take advantage of quality time, which will be reflected in a stronger and happier family.

What to do on weekends with your family?

The most important thing is that you have time, that you don't rush, that you leave your cell phone aside and that you really prepare yourself to be with the ones you love the most, make time for them. 

If you are still not sure how to take advantage of these spaces, here are some ideas of activities that can be useful when sharing with your family and friends:

Favorite food recipes

If there is a dish that you all like, a good idea is to prepare it together. Buy the ingredients and establish roles so that everyone makes something specific and at the end you can share a delicious dish and the best part, prepared by all of you.

Camping in a fun place

Look for a fun and safe place to camp, bring games, books, make awesome riddles for kids, take the opportunity to do some outdoor activities such as  board games or some exercise. Recharge energies in the middle of nature is the best advice to start the week well or start a season after vacation and what better if you do it with your family.

Reading with the family

A book is always a good friend, choose one of a theme that you like, they can be kids short stories or novels that keep the thread or attention, it is a good opportunity to share together, while having a good time, a drink or something to snack always combine very well with a good read. Cheer up and read a story that hooks you.

If in your home, if any of the children want to read, it is a good option to let them read. In case they don't know how to do it, you can always learn how to teach child to read,no matter how old they are.


Physical activity for the body

Yoga, zumba, aerobics, walks to see new places, races, in short, are a wonderful option to spend time together, take advantage of the sunny days and take advantage of the outdoors, your family and your body will thank you, remember that if you do not have clear what you want to do there are several options , you have the 20 outdoor games that we teach you in our blog, you even have tutorials on the internet that you can take advantage of.

Hands on the mini garden

Planting together not only works for vegetables, fruits or plants, but also for relationships. If you make time to plant in a mini garden, it's fun and very rewarding for the family. Little by little you will learn more about gardening and maybe it will become a family passion.

Board games

You will go to the fixed if you want to spend a fun time with your family, there are plenty of popular board games to share, learn, have fun and have a good time. You can have a picnic, bring some sandwiches and snacks and there your family day is solved.

And if you don't have board games but one of the children has a clock, you can find out how to learn teach hours games.
Use one of our clocks.


Personalized gift exchange

 If you have any creative skills and you consider that you can make a gift with a personal touch or that you can teach others how to make a gift to personalize, it is a good opportunity to share an afternoon with the family. Exchanging personalized gifts in the middle of a fun afternoon can be a wonderful way to spend the evening, but if those gifts are made by you, it will be even more valuable and beautiful.

Recycling day to take care of the planet

An afternoon or morning to be able to help with the planet is an option to unite as a family in the middle of a good cause. Organize a clean-up in your neighborhood, or near a river, beach or park and you'll see how good you'll feel.

Family movie marathon

An afternoon of movies or series, good food, snacks and ready to go. An easy and very entertaining option to share with the family. You can relax at home and spend the afternoon together.

Here are the essential movies you should not miss to watch with your family


Tour to get to know the city

 If you don't know things about your city, it's time to do it. Plan a list of places of interest and schedule a route. Share with your family and take the opportunity to get to know your city better. The same if you are in another city, organize a route with the most important places to visit and enjoy your day.

Karaoke afternoon

Get your playlist ready and organize a karaoke afternoon with your family. Remember to include songs that you all like and get ready to have a great time.

Dramatization to learn other languages

 Take the opportunity to spend an afternoon learning a language. Prepare a song or different activities in which you can review your skills with your family, they are sure to have fun.

Family tree, get to know the family

Take advantage of this family time to learn about your origins and all about your ancestors, together you can learn more about your environment, you will surely find out things you had no idea.

Costume photography session

Enjoying an afternoon of photography together where you can dress up in costume and let your creativity run wild is sure to strengthen your relationship and generate lots of laughter.

Kite flying!

There are several tutorials that teach you how to make your own kite, so if you like to do that kind of thing, take advantage and do it with your family. If you don't know how to make it, buy it ready to fly.

Visit a water park

Organize your day to share with your family at a theme park, it is a good alternative to enjoy with your family and share a new experience. Of course, plan to go early so that you have enough time to visit the park without any problem.

Take a family weekend getaway to a place

It doesn't have to be far away, you can choose a destination that is close to where you live and enjoy a weekend or a holiday as a family. Sharing together is the most important thing.

If you visit somewhere sunny or go out in the middle of summer, remember to take care of your eyes, both you and your young children. You can count on the best kids sunglasses from Kiddus, you're sure to like them.


Participate in volunteering

 This is a good option if you want to share with your family in a different way. In addition, you help others, whether it is your neighborhood, the environment, the elderly, children or animals. Surely there is a place where you are needed so it is a good idea to give your time and enthusiasm there and share that feeling of service with the people you love the most. It will be a very satisfying day.

Family biking

Get the bike ready and share with your family a day of sport that will surely be full of good times. So pack your backpack with hydration, fruits or some soft snacks and go ahead with your ride.

Go to a swimming pool

 The hot days are starting, so prepare a family trip to the pool to enjoy the water and the sun. You'll have a lot of fun, so don't think about it and go for the next weekend, you won't regret it!.

I suggest you take a look at our article 15 best fun pool games for kids so you can enjoy the pool even more.If they are babies, I recommend that you wear sunglasses for babies, to protect them from UV rays at all times.Wearing kids uv glasses will always be the best option!


As mentioned, family activities help to strengthen all the bonds in the family group, it is necessary to take that time and dedicate either a few hours or a weekend to spend together and make that feeling of companionship, admiration and support, ever greater.

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